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Sad story on Anthony Gobert

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Pink Angel, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Sadly his actions Prove that

    we never do know

    what the other rider/driver (s)

    mind/brain condition is'

    at /in
  2. You shouldn't feel any sorrow for the fellow. He did it all by himself. He chose to go down that path. It's not as if it's a state secret as to what drugs do to you.

    He's claiming diminished responsibility to try and account for his actions. Sorry, but that's a no-go for me, inspite of it being about the "Go Show".
  3. Sadly, Anthony was just following in the footsteps of a couple of other road-racers from some years back who also destroyed careers, arguably with even more potential than his, with drugs and indulgent lifestyle choices. I feel sorry for him and the consequences to which he has now come, but he had plenty of good counsel and chose to ignore it.....
  4. I was at the WSBK in 1996 (I think?) where I watched him with both races, once was a spectacular win in a tussle with Aaron Slight. Slight was smooth as. Anthony was riding the absolute balls off of his ZX7R, getting crossed up two slides happening through Turn 11 and 12, full on dirt-tracking-on-bitumen style riding.

    I was thinking to myself "This guy is utterly amazing to watch! This is fantastic!!"

    I then watched him destroy his career by his inability to shake his addiction to the green stuff (marijuana) and then later on the harder drugs. Time after time he had warnings, then suspensions, then getting kicked out of teams. He didn't turn up for races and basically self-destructed what was one of the most amazing riding talents I've ever seen.

    What a waste.
  5. Bollocks! As all have said above, he chose to go down that path. What do you expect his employers to do when faced with drug use (while on the job some of it)?

    Sad? Yes, but only because bike racing lost a good talent that was entertaining to watch. Many others that have not had it so good to begin with have lost much more.
  6. Dont get me wrong. I have an absolute zero tolerance for smack users. I think heroin is the curse of modern society and would not even give a heroin druggie the time of day.

    But as stated, I have seen him racing and was so enthralled by his ability. That, is the sad part, when someone had so much potential and they threw it all away at the end of a needle.
  7. Why are genuine genius's often so troubled?
    I'm sure he didn't mean to become hooked but until you have ever lived with or loved someone with an addiction, you will never know what its like.
    An addiction causes a chemical reaction in the brain and those of us not effected will never understand. Some are lucky enough to get help and some are lucky enough to have people stick around and support them through the bad times. Those of us not addicted to anything (drugs, drink, gambling, eBay whatever it may be) cant make someone give it up. The addicted have to get to a stage where they want help.

    Believe me, I know!
  8. I wonder if he'll still race in Oz this year.
  9. How freaking stupid are some people? I mean who here has absolutely no clue at all what happens if you start using heroin? I would say no one.

    Everyone knows that if you use heroin you have 2 possibilities for your future, death or prison.
  10. Wasted opportunity, yes stupid , yes misguided, yes im sure we have all done something stupid or wasted an opportunity at some stage and sure now hes paying the price.But the excuse i was going to get some more mmmmmm might as well have said dolly made me do it :grin:
  11. Thats why its called an addiction. Thats why WE dont understand.
  12. pfftt its called bad decisions. the addictions comes after you makee a serious of stupid decisions. Addictions is a consequence not a cause.

    Dont make excuses for ffcuking junkies they aree pisssweak.
  13. I remember years ago after winning at PI in the Australian Superbike series. Gobert striping off his leathers and tossing them into the crowd, after a brilliant ride.

    Anthony has plenty of opportunities, in GP, WSBK and AMA SBK series.

    Honestly he has no one to blame but himself. Another wasted talent.
  14. Every journey starts with a single step......
  15. Yep ... look at Keith Richards ... :shock: :shock:
  16. Yeah the prison/death thing really only relates to the 'typical' person who can't afford to support their habit without turning to crime
  17. A sad, spectacular self-destruction.

    I remember watching the Superbikes on cable years ago. Gobert was the first guy I'd seen back a racebike into a corner.

    I still remember him backing it into the hairpin at Donington, passing someone mid-corner, then hanging the tail out as he exited. Amazing stuff.

    Stupid bugger.
  18. LOL If you think you aave the resources to emulate his drug abuse and survive, go for it.

    He is the exception not the rule.
  19. Shame, wasted talent.

    I saw him at Philip Island late last year, he was bright and bubbly, very unlike a heroin addict.

    Anyone know how Alex is doing?