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Sad Sad Story...lol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. hiya all. My bike needs a little TLC when it comes to its fairing, not alot but more than i can afford :( . So if any1 wants to help a poor,broke and desperate man :-({|= to get his bike looking smick or even any ideas on cheap repairs anything would be appricated. [-o<

    bike is a 90' zxr250-A by the way

  2. You could always switch to riding it naked.

    Edit:...in fact you could even take the faring off :p
  3. Dont know about naked some bits might get blown off or windburnt LOL. I couldnt ride my bike fairingless its just not right but its always an option... :cry:

  4. Duct tape. Or stickers - if you want to go the more "up-market" option.
  5. I have a roll of "PowerPuff girls" contact here that you could have.
  6. sobil subscribes to the "cable-tie" doctrine, you could try that if the fairing is a little battered.
  7. Wrong, his bike was held together with Band-Aids, looked a classic too...
  8. Cloth tape and impress ipon someone to help you out with a little plastic welding or if logevity is not an issue grab some Plastek to stick the fairings back together.
  9. What's the problem?
    Is the fairing broken? cracked? scratched? bits missing? paint scuffed?

    solutions need problems . There are less expensive options for most cosmetic problems, but you need to tell us what the problem is. the simplest, cheapest solution that lets you retain street cred is "Rat Bike". blackboard paint is cheap.
  10. Agreed on the plastex - works great for most repairs!


    (I bought a mini-master kit - ran out of the liquid before i ran out of the powders - if anyone knows what liquid it is I would appreciate it. It did last many repairs though!)
  12. you could always try some touch up paint and some knead-it in the right places
  13. you need a kit to remove the rust from your tank, go and see the nice people at B&A motorcycles and I am sure they will have one, might set you back about $80 to 100 but its cheaper then a new tank and the rest.

  14. ok cool so ill do that with my tank thanks alot and ill read up on this kneed-it stuff. Its good to see a fellow local on here,

    Cheers and thanks for all the advice. 8)
  15. Brit bike mag did a comparo of home use crack repair methods - best was found to be use of small soldering iron (electronics type) to melt the edges together.

    For the hole, try a fibreglass patching kit.

    Bog up and sand back deep scratches.

    Then remove stickers, sand everything smooth and spray paint.
  16. oi thats mine....!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: 8)
  17. Please DO NOT bog or fibreglass your fairings, It makes it a whole lot harder for us that fix fairings for a living.

  18. Well i was/am saving for you baby but it clashes with my keyboard and it's still sitting on my computer desk ;)