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Sad News - Doc Neeson passed away today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V2, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Sad to hear, The angels are one of my favourite aussie bands.
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    Yep, absolutely formative of my musical tastes in my teens, and still listened to on a very regular basis. Seen live maybe 3-4 times, from the 90s on. Last time Doc was already looking pretty sick, and that was *before* the brain tumor was diagnosed. I know he was injured in a prang and has had a very rough trot for a fair while now. An immortal in music, for sure.

    Edit: fargen autocorrect had changed 'prang' to 'bring' and I only noticed this arvo
  3. the only way to remember him :)
  4. Sad to hear. As someone said earlier he was looking past his use by date before the cancer.
  5. He is an integral part of my rock mindset too. We used to sneak into the Stardust, at Cabramatta, when I was still at school to watch the Angles. This was back in the late 80s. The Stardust was rough then, but not as stabby as it got later.

    A musical link to my youth . . . . gone. Sad indeed.
  6. I heard on a radio interview a long time ago he was in a car accident several years ago where he received some back problems. He's been in chronic pain ever since. I remember seeing him on Rockwiz probably a year ago - he wasn't looking too well then... I think from the back problems.

    The Angels would have been one of the first bands I ever saw. They played at a multi-band open air concert in Noosa. They were the only band I remember. They were awesome!
  7. AH ibast we share some past the Stardust in the early '80's (only twice LOL)
    I saw the Angels many times, have the vinyl as well CD's.
    Doc helped form my love of pub rock and will be missed, but never forgotten.
    Funny that Am I ever gonna see your face played on the bike just before turning it off this morning :arghh:
  8. saw them support David bowie in 1978 never heard of them before that, great band rest in peace doc
  9. Never gonna see his face again, bugger, RIP Doc, got your music forever thanks.
  10. V2 if that Noosa concert was early 80's then I was there too! Angels came on last and smashed it...Chrissy Amphlett (Divinyls) was pretty hot that night also.

    My first real live rock concert was The Angels at Cloudland (the original for you young-folk!) probably about 1980. I remember Doc climbing way up the speaker stacks during Marseille and because of the sprung floor he was swinging a couple of metres! Roadies were having kittens.

    With the band splitting and now two deaths (Chris Bailey passed last year) it just makes those memories all the better.

    RIP Doc your voice, music and antics on stage will never be forgotten.
  11. Flying back from Townsville last night, queued up the Angles and relived some good times.

    RIP Doc - I owe you my love of Aussie guitar rock
  12. RIP.
    One of the few bands that used to regularly come to us smaller towns in the 80's- packed out every time and always put on a good show, thanks Doc.