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Sad its gone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Well its official my bike has been sold. Its been advertised for a while and had a lot of offers but kinda knocked them back because i still loved it.
    So until the new owner picks it up i have a few days to ride my baby. I think theres a condition for this "sellers syndrome'

    Only a brighter note - i can finally start properly looking for a bike
    12-13k what could i get? I want something new and i still prefer a sports bike.
  2. Thought you had your eye on the R6 up in Wodonga?
  3. yep sure do!
    waiting for phantom to have a look for me
    thats my prefered bike but have some back ups...
    hopefully everything checks out fine so i wont be without a bike for too long.

    Really dont want to pull the push bike out if i dont have to.
  4. Seeing as you asked....I'd be getting a Vtwin, preferably naked but you need to ride as many as you can to see what you like
  5. Ahh ok all is good then. If you come up this way & buy the bike, & if you feel like a little detour, break the drive up due to it being stinking hot etc, head over this way. Drop by say hi etc. ( only cause I wanna see the bike :wink: )

    I swear my front door turns into a revolving door, this time of year. :LOL:
  6. Definately keep that in mind charmed.. i have just printed this out for proof so u cant back out.

    Well my bro is trying to sell me his Cagiva Raptor 1000 but if i had more money then a tripple would be nice. Vtwins just dont get that rush but on the other hand they do pull away from the word go
  7. How about the trumpy 675? not sure what its going for these days...
  8. Starts around 16 I believe...

    Hmmm 675... I think I'm going to need a moment inp rivate...
  9. Hmm new sportsbike for 12k-13k?
    I'm sure you could get the rossi colour R6 new for 12k rideaway.

    They were heavily discounted at the dealers i saw due to having a somewhat odd split paint job?
  10. joannei - Yeah i did look at the 675 but yeah no one is discounting them at the moment and because they are new are still pretty much selling for the RRP. Is a sexy looking bike.

    Falcon-Lord -
    ummm no comment :p

    jitboy - I had an 03 R6 (the pics floating around here somewhere) so prefer not to go the same model (03-05) the new model however has always caught my eye. Seat height however is a little problem - 845mm

  11. Get a firestorm.

    Twins are just better.
  12. +1
  13. What kind of bike are you looking at? Nekkid/faired etc?
  14. [/quote]

    Whats the CBR 600RR going for? I too had the R6, replaced with f4i, then added the RR and kept the f4i :) love the RR the most of them all... the f4i seat height is lower than the RR but the RR is slimer and I havent had an issue with the seat height on either
  15. well the old one was a 03 R6 i rode my bros Cagiva raptor 1000 and its got great grunt and the v-twin sounds awesome with no baffles but im not used to an upright bike but all that said its cheap and because i dont have much time to hit the hills it would be a good bike just to go to work and back.
  16. You're being a drongo, you can get the world on a plate for $13k second hand.
  17. +2
  18. Thats the problem - there is sooo many bikes i can chose from. I still have my eyes set on the 06 -R6 IMO the best looking bike ever made
  19. new bike

    I say go the triple :grin:
    should be able to pick up an '05' for around 13-14k
    '06' around 15-16k

    they look hot... go off the line like a vtwin and will wheelie just like a crazy hooligan bike should :twisted:
  20. +3