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Sad day, last v-rod produced

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by basejumper, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Sad day


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  2. Hmmm, must have been too reliable and contained too much teknology?
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  3. YAY
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  4. I don't understand.
  5. dont worry to much
  6. Here we fcking go.
    Since when have Porsche made unreliable motors ??
    From what I hear then are having trouble making the 125hp meet the strict new emission laws around the world.
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  7. yeah
  8. I thought they were just doing us a favour?
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  9. I only heard about this last night. V-Rod was a good move for HD so I this is a bit of a surprise to me. :emoji_astonished:

    anyone know what they will replace it with?

    V-Rod wasn't a model that turned me on to any great extent but I do like the Breakout, maybe one day...
  10. Had a 2012 v-rod muscle tuner ,pipes usa gearing the thing absolutely ripped! Sad to see them go.
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  11. Buutt have been reading on a coupla forums it may go missing for a year ( like Harley did with the Road Glide ) and come back more along the lines of the Duc Diavel. Lets hope so
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  12. Just like the F1 750 Pantah the V Rod took ages to come to market. It seemed like 10 years from when both first started being talking about. Same for the Porsche developed Harley engine. I though noise and more bang was the reason why they went to water cooling.
  13. The only decent-sounding Harley.
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  14. What did they expect?
    Its not a real Harley unless it overheats, leaks oil, sounds and feels like a tractor then proceeded's to fall to pieces at-least twice every ride?
    They'd have more success fitting them with diesels, at-least they'd get more then 50km out of their 2L fuel tanks /End troll :p
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  15. I rode a couple of the early V Rods when they were first released here. My comment to the dealer (my wife's boss at the time). "If they put that engine in something like the Buell frame I'd be really really fcuking tempted".
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  16. That is sad. Had the opportunity of borrowing a V Rod Muscle a couple of months ago whilst the Fatboy was in for service. That engine is a pearler, but the riding position did not suit me.
  17. The V-Rods have never been a big seller for HD and re-designing the motor to meet the new emmission regs was always going to be expensive.

    I'm betting that the bean counters said the numbers didn't add up.