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Sad day for Philip Island pub goers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, May 22, 2010.

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  2. That sorta sucks :(
  3. Sort of sucks? I loved having an ale in there.

    Anyway, wasn't the pub mooted for major rennos?
  4. I'm not one for over dramitazation...
  5. I have some great memories from this pub so for me this is very very sad :cry:
  6. That was the last pub on the right in the main shopping centre?
  7. The current owner-operator has for some time been trying to demolish and redevelop as a 5 star accommodation complex. A few days before this happened, shire planning approval for the new development was given.
    The owner stated that the development was on hold due to lack of interest from lenders, and also that there was some opposition from some parts of the local community.
    According to the owner's statements, the fire started a few minutes after the premises were closed for the night, and he returned to find the building well alight, so raised the alarm.

    I can't help considering a few unsupportable conclusions about all this.
  8. Cant beat a Jewish stocktake.
  9. well, it was karma.
    The Preston Motorcycle Club has a very long "association" with the pub and we were conducting the Victorian Road Race Championship Round at the island that weekend.
    After dinner on the Friday night a bit before 9pm, the main office bearers of the club and their family's decided to call into the pub for a drink and say hello to our members and entrants.
    Entry was denied as we had a babe with us, asleep in her father's arms!