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sad and sobering story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scooter, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Pics on page three :(

    Group ride gone wrong
  2. Poor bloke :(
    That bike was f$#*@d must have hit bloody hard
  3. condolences
  4. I think you all should read this (especially you guys looking for somewhere to speed)join Broadford club or something if you want to go fast. its not that expensive(at least they dont have cars coming towards you).keep it safe.
  5. Absolutely stech, must add that those are the worst crash pics that I have seen.
  6. very very sad to see
  7. sorry to know that. This made me think about the meaning of life.
  8. Thanks for the reality check

    IMHO itproves that the public road is no place for "giving it a bit of a squirt"
    At least if you lose it on the track your not going to hit something head on.

    Ooo that bike is 1/2 it's original length! wonder how the innocent car driver feels about it all now

  9. I can't seee that there would be anything even remotely salvageable from a wreck like that.
    Something else that is evident is that no one in those pics is wearing anything that resembles protective clothing (legs down) not that it would have done any good with that type of impact.
  10. Hey Scoooter, are you any closer to get back on (powered) two wheels???