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Sad and frightening.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. This was posted to the Ulysses Notice Board.
    The accident at the back of Woodford was during a Redcliffe branch ride. They were on their back from Maleny, going down Stanley River Rd when a car coming from the opposite direction ran into the back of a ute stopped and waiting to turn across where the bikes were coming from. The ute was thrown onto one of the bikes. The rider, Bruce Walker, who was on his first ride with the club and hasn't yet become a member, was air lifted to the P.A. hospital where he is in an induced coma due to swelling of the brain. He has very badly crushed legs - one which has been operated on already. There are concerns about his spine also. Won't know for a while. His pillion - his 17 yr old son was thrown off the bike and has broken shoulder, legs and had on an open face helmet - his face copped it too. A very big thankyou goes to Paula, the Redcliffe member who is a nurse and the nurse from Glasshouse (sorry, don't know her name) who, I believe kept Bruce alive while waiting for the ambulance. Will update when more info becomes available.
    To Bruce and his son, my heart goes out to you both, and your family.

    When could it be your turn?
  2. Geez, what a tragedy. I've always been a supporter of the Ulysses club as my father has been a long time member, this is sad news. :cry:
    My best wishes and positive thoughts go to the family and the club
  3. That's terrible news. My best wishes to the victims and I hope they make a full recovery. :(

    Any news on the occupants of the cars involved?
  4. Awful news. :cry:

    I guess the stationary ute must have been stationary with his front wheels turned to the right, otherwise it wouldn't have been shunted into the bike's path.

    I used to know someone whose Alfa GTV was destroyed in a very similar accident while he was waiting to make a right hand turn, so I always try to keep my car's wheels pointing straight ahead while I'm waiting to turn.

    Here's to a full recovery for the rider.
  5. I remember reading that as advice...keep the wheels pointing straight until ready to turn. Very sad, hope everyone recovers.
  6. Yeah, the GTV owner thought everything was pretty much okay. Then he looked in the mirror and noticed the back seat was on fire...
  7. Lousy news. All the best to the rider and his son for full recoveries.

    As an aside, I was taught at a defensive driving course to always keep the wheels pointed straight ahead when waiting to do a turn so that if someone ploughs into the back of you your not pushed into oncoming traffic.
  8. Horrible news. Same kind of incident happened up here a few years back during a toy run. A Ute was pushed into oncoming group of riders by a drunk driver. Unfortunately in this case the rider and his pillion didn't make it.

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery to both fellas.
  9. THat really does suck and makes it twce as worse seeing there is a pillion involved
  10. Bloody hell! :cry: hope they have a speedy recovery. :cry:

    I never knew that, ill certainly keep that in mind from now on.
  11. That bad news. Hope Bruce and his son make a sound recovery
  12. Sad news. Let me also add, in 1968 when I was getting my licence, my instructor said always to keep the wheels straight ahead UNTIL you start to make the turn....

    Can you keep us up-to-date on this, please....

    {and remind people to wear full-face helmets...}
  13. Thoughts, wishes and prayers go out to them, their family and friends
  14. I think now 3 people I didnt really count but i know it was a couple... All said the exact same thing about keeping the wheels straight @ a turn. *Cough* regurgitate *Cough*

    Sad news, hope the doctors earn their over paid wages this time and get them back to 100% :(
  15. Best wirshes to them both for a speedy and full recovery
  16. *Ktulu was also taught 'Leave your wheels straight in case a mafia Mercedes tries to ram you into oncoming traffic... just accelerate straight ahead through the barriers if they're pushing you onto a rail-way crossing.'

    Make your own decisions and all that, but if I had a 17yo son who I was pillioning, he'd be wearing a full-face helmet.
  17. What day did this happen? I was in the mountains near Maleny on that road on both Saturday and Sunday just gone by and didn't see/hear anything.
    Open face helmet... good grief.
    My best wishes to the family involved. A tragedy to be sure
  18. thoughts and wishes to Bruce and His son and family.

    Its a terrible accident.
  19. It is sad to hear, hope they both come through OK.

    Lol - without taking away from the topic at hand - do what you want with your front wheels when waiting to turn right, when you get shunted from behind your car will go where ever it is pushed anyway.
    I've heard people talk about keeping the wheels straight, but have and still do, consider it a load of bollocks. - that said, you feel comfortable doing it, go for your life.

    And yes its probably better that you just don't piss off the mafia in the first place.
  20. Not good to hear and hopefully all involved can make a full recovery.

    But as fpr keeping the wheels straight, yep I was taught that as well but it all comes down to the angle at whcih the vehicle is struck and the striking vehicle is travelling. The other thing to remember is tha twhen struck a driver really has no control as generally in a heavy impact their hands will be removed from the steering wheel ad the ir foot from the brake due to forces (sounds like this was a heavy impact).