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sacrifices: what doesn't your bike do?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, May 12, 2006.

  1. there aren't many bikes that are good at everything, chances are when you picked your bike you had to compromise on something, or perhaps now that you ride it you've realised it's lacking in some area.

    what doesn't your bike do?

    -no torque below 9,000rpm's.
    -not enough torque above 9,000rpm's.
    -sounds like a lawn mower.
    -soft suspension.

    note: this isn't a 'my bike is great at everything' thread. if this thread gets a range of models reviewed it could be quite useful for prospecting buyers, so objective negative points only, a bikes praises can be sung in every other thread. :)
  2. no power :(
    no fairing to cut the wind
    no boot like an Across :LOL:
    The biggest compromise is that it is a 250.
  3. GSXR1000 k6

    As standard - issues for everyone:
    * the stock exhaust looks awful (removed, replaced)
    * the front brokes are pathetic (new pads on order)
    * it wont stick to the speed limit (err.. pilot error?)

    As standard - issues for me:
    * the clip ons are too tight an angle for me (looks very hard to resolve)
    * its a jap bike, one of a million conformist vehicles (oh well).

    Otherwise, an absolutely awesome bike.
  4. My Hornet 900 doesn't go, stop, turn or hold a line like a superbike, but well, that's to be expected. :)

    The fuel injection can be a bit snatchy at low revs, but that helps you get your throttle control in order.

    It doesn't stoppie very easily and the brakes take a bit of working - again, only compared with a superbike. This is something I'm considering working on if I keep it.

    Suspension's soft for a lard-arse like me. This is something I'm also looking at. I hear that the frame's a limiting factor on the racetrack too, but I can hustle it through the bends ok.

    There's not much in the way of wind or weather protection, but that was a conscious decision I made to increase the feeling of speed and hopefully reduce the temptation to ride way over the speed limit all the time - and it's worked. It also makes for some serious eye-bulging, white knuckle action when you do get the big naked up over 'a certain speed.'

    There's a list of bad things, but I loves me Hornet, it's an amazing bike for the price and a champion wheelie machine.
  5. My BMW R1150R has the standard BMW gearbox 'clunk'. For an experienced rider of Beemers this is a non-issue because you learn the 'nack' over time and can shift pretty much like any other bike, but for a beginner on say, a LAMS compliant BMW 600 twin it could be a real turn-off. This does really not apply to any current model BMW's that a learner may ride, as only the older 600 twins are LAMS approved, and the newer Rotax powered 600 singles have a pretty smooth gearbox anyway.
  6. CBR250
    - Having to keep the revs >9-10k becomes a bit annoying sometimes
    - Lacking power (Not for a 250 but in general)
    - Sounds like a bumblebee
    - Non adjustable front suspension
    - Headlights suck (New globes might fix this)

    There are a few more things i don't like but overall it's a fun bike to ride and a good bike to learn on :)
  7. Being a cruiser it doesn't:
    • do wheelies
      do signficant lean angles
      polish all the chrome by itself!

  8. Err....it does, trust me. If my Valkyrie could, your VN800 can :grin:
  9. On my bike it's not easy to sneak up on people.
    Unless they are playing loud doof doof.
  10. What doesn't it do, eh?

    Struggles to keep up with any of the 2002 or later year 1000cc bikes down the main-straight at PI. Can be punting through Turn 12, rapidly closing in on someone on a late model 1000cc bike (take yer pick) and then lose about 1 full second by the end of the straight even though I started off with a higher corner exit speed. My personal weight (95kgs) is partly to blame for this though. Would certainly help if I weighed a more "appropriate for my height" 80kgs instead.

    Aside from that, it's not great for long distance touring, in terms of carrying capacity. Being an R1, it ain't no pack-horse for touring the country. Comfort-wise I've happily done 650km days on it and not been sorry for it. It's surprisingly comfortable for an aggressive sports-bike. Not arm-chair comfort, but once used to it, it doesn't wrack you with pain either.

    Other niggle is the annoying/numbing bar vibration between 4000-5500rpm, which is most noticable when highway droning where 4/5/6th gears all sit within this range when travelling at 100-110kph. Affects my left hand mostly. Not a problem at all higher/lower in the rev-range, just when hwy droning.

    Oh, and it doesn't crash too well either. Dropping the bike as I found out recently destroys the headlight and nose-cone assembly. $700 to fix, just for starters, even if the bike is fitted with oggy knobs and frame sliders.
  11. Hhhhhmmmm lets see

    If the Ducky behaves its self it is Allowed out for a ride with me :applause:

    If the Ducky Misbehaves then it is back in the Garage to be pulled apart again :tantrum:

    and then i go back to :popcorn: waiting for it to behave again :rofl:

    as for wheelies N stuff
    she can do it but i respect the hard earnt $ it took me to even afford it

    so i am not about to let anyone let alone myself drop or break it :shock:
  12. I have the '04 CBR600F4i, before I say anything, I think it's the best alrounder I've had :grin: , hence why it's the 2nd CBR600F I've had. Now the down sides.

    -Standard pipe is huge and makes it sound like a hair drier
    -Standard screen is too low to see all the dash (got a double bouble now)
    -Two up you have to keep the revs up more. Like most 600's
    -Seat gives me a sore butt after a few hours of riding
    -Lack of engine capacity means you have to fiddle with the gears a bit.
    -Always go for the alusive 7th gear on the freeway.
    -They won't make them anymore after 2006.

    But I love it to death and won't sell it for anything. :p
  13. :LOL: :LOL: I bet there's a lot of K5/K6 owners with the same problem
  14. blackbird - alternator too small. Overheats on dirt. Eats too many tyres.

    gs1200 - alternator plenty big enough. First gear too tall for inexperienced dirt riders like me.

    k12rs - brake servo whine at the lights gets you funny looks from those next to you. Eats too many tyres and rear main oil seals.
  15. wheelies,
    neither my bike or myself for that matter can do wheelies :LOL: :p
  16. Hmmm Stealth Kat

    Apparently invisible.
    A big pussy Kat to ride. Good pillion bike, totally unaffected by cross winds and nervous passengers.

    minuses, wont do tight u turns, doesnt like you changing your mind mid corner. Still a gorgous shape.

    Plusses straight line stability, can hit bits of 2 by 4 mid corner
  17. Now you mention it the R65 does that - I'm so used to it I've forgotten they do that :?

    The only issue with the R65 is top speed (doesn't bother me much these days) and brakes - twin discs or not, they aren't terribly effective - but I do intend to do something about that...

    For the rest, handles very very well, cruises happily at up to 40-50k over the speed limit (not I do it much these days :roll: ) uses small amounts of fuel and has a seat I can sit on for 8 hours+

    The original road tests referred to it as the best handling bike in the wet - ever. Even many years later it's still damned good.

    It still doesn't stop me thinking I'd like a new F800ST when they come out :LOL:
    (as well as - not instead of)
  18. SZR660

    -Uncomfortable after half an hour in every way- vibrates everywhere, supersmall and cramped
    - Hard to ride at walking pace due to low clip-on's, and lack of smooth power below 3000rpm (which is a fair bit of revs on a single).
    - Standard exhaust in horrible looking and restrictive
    - Eats chains like any single
    - Crap headlights
    - Run's out of significant push at 160km/h
    - Encourages reckless driving= pain + $$
  19. I'll be looking at these as an upgrade machine if i can convince a shop to let me ride one when they are realised. The price is gonna be alittle testing though i think. I've got a feeling they might be expensive.
  20. It can't cook and it's not exactly a tiger in the sack, but if I had to choose between my bike and my ex again, I'd make the same decision. :cool: :LOL: :LOL: