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Sacrifice to the motorcycle gods

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. In payment for expertly skills I, MyoMan, have sacrificed 1 hi-vis vest and 1 L plate to the motorcycle gods. May we dance and laugh and be merry as the sacrificial burning begins.
    In other words I'm finally off me L's y'all!!

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  2. Congrats many happy days ahead
  3. Well done I'm only 3 days into mine and lovin it
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  4. Congrats bud!
  5. Are you on "P"s now?
    If so, I think that means that now do not have to adhere to the set speed limits,
    in fact you have no speed restrictions at all.
    All general road rules no-longer apply to you - you now OWN the road and everyone else it to just get out of your way.

    I am sure this must be correct as I see many P- platers in cages driving that way.

    oh yeah, congrats for getting off Ls.
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  6. Congratulations, nothing better than getting rid of that bloody L plate, after being on mine for about two years I was sick to death of it lol!
  7. Congrats mate, so did I!
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  8. Congrats MyoManMyoMan, it only gets better from now on, have a blast
  9. MyoManMyoMan fantastic to hear!!! I just finished congratulating DonJuanDonJuan on his passing today too! How awesome. :woot:
  10. Congratulations MyoManMyoMan! Awesome news, Motorcycle Gods are on your side :) Target to cagers, "looser" plate is off, so is the "circus" vest. Many years of bikie happiness and so many amazing roads for you to discover! Stay safe and enjoy your freedom ;)
  11. im off mine too
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  12. Congratulations MyoManMyoMan, great news! Along with DonJuanDonJuan (not to mention Uncle GregUncle Greg but to be fair the licencing system was different in 1947), it's not every day we get to congratulate more than one Netrider leaving their Ls behind.
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  13. Avatar needs an update now :whistle:
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  14. Congrats mate- any bike shopping in the near future?
  15. He's only moved from L's to Restricted, so no new bike needed for a few years yet.
  16. Technically P's but do t have to display the plates
  17. Where did you do yours?