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Sack this police officer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Flying is for planes, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. This goes back to 30 April 2007 , but I couldn't find it on a search.


    Extract "Images of Mark Gibney’s horrific injuries were shown to journalists last week without the permission of the family. The photographs showed Gibney’s decapitated head lying on a grass verge and his torso embedded in a car."

  2. BIKE Magazine have published this turkey's email address and his direct contact details, and those of his superiors, and have mounted a campaign to have him sacked.
  3. What laws apply here though???

    I mean, the dude crashed in public, his body landed in public and he died in public.

    I'm sure the family have a 'right' to see police photographs, and it would certainly be proper form to get their permission before they were used by the police in any fashion other than to investigate the accident - but do they have any 'rights' over the photos themselves?

    I say sack him; but I only say that coz he wanted to use a crashed motorcyclist to promote the governments pathetic, pretend brand of bullshit road safety.

    If he is sacked; it'll just be a political thing, yeah?
  4. Yes, but I guess the end justifies the means.
  5. Where are the pics???
  6. I can't find them.

    Stories say they were shown in a private conference with journalists... sounds like they probably couldn't print them anyway.
  7. In answer to point 1, the pics were both evidence and police property. The copper probably breached a lot of police regs and this is how you would tackle it.
    The family would have no say as to how they were used.

    Thats not to say I wouldn't be pushing HARD for his head!
  8. reminds me of the al quada brand of policing demonstrated so well in "hot fuzz"
    legal issues dont really have to come into it ktulu, ethical and moral obligations would be enough for him to be shown the door. im not sure how public a press conference is anyway, where they arent allowed to print the photos.

    so yeah, if he was sacked, it would be for political reasons, dont you remember how old mate morris crucified the upper command of the police after the cronula riots?
  9. In Australia...
    If you or I are standing in public and someone takes our picture we have the option of asking them to stop if we choose. We can also ask the purpose of the picture and refuse permision to use the picture.

    A dead person has no knowledge of people taking their picture and does not have the ability to verbally refuse permision for police pictures of his/her remains to be released to the media. A normal person could not be reasonably expected to want such pictures released in the event of their death, so it must be presumed that permission has been refused unless it is granted by the deceased's immidiate family acting on his/her behalf. :)
  10. Sorry thats not correct. Privacy dies with the individual pretty much. But the family could try.
  11. This issue's being used as the thin end of a wedge - Richard Brunstrom's famous as being the champion of Gatsometer speed cameras in the UK, and has been quoted as saying "there's no more excuse for drifting over the speed limit than there is for drifting a knife into somebody" and "speeding drivers should be regarded as dangerous criminals."

    A digits-obsessed velocity nazi, this wanker has pushed as hard as possible for zero tolerance speed policing. Actual unsolved crimes in his district are reported to have risen quite sharply because he dedicates disproportionate police resources to catching speeding drivers.

    Clearly an arsehole and a tosser, the decapitated rider thing is outrageously inappropriate, even to the brainwashed sheeple who parrot his speeding kills crap. That's why his opponents are using it to attack him; their real issue is his speeding policy.


  12. In excess of 1500 motorcyclists die in the United Kingdom each year.

    Perhaps this officer is trying to stop glorification by the press of a life cut short.

    Who has to site the accident? Write reports? Investigate the cause and lay blame? Deal with this almost on a daily basis? POLICE and EMERGENCY SERVICES PERSONELL.

    Anything they do to try and reduce the incidences is worthwhile.

    The Pictures did not go public, but if showing them to media saves a life, the Officer did the right thing.
  13. I'm 100% sure of the legalities once you are dead but in the UK you can even show faces in security camera footage without the persons permission, and if you are on the camera they have to give you copies of the footage for a nominal fee with all the other faces blanked out. So even showing it in private to non police was a no no really.

    I think what really got the coppers goat was the T shirt he was wearing

    Whether I agree with you or not, from previous acts the copper has proved himself a cock time and time again.
  14. Ahhh Loz's intrinsic journalistic tendencies kick in and he does the background homework.

    My dear man, Mr Burnstrom does indeed appear to be a feckwit.

    Fire him?

    ... from a cannon maybe.
  15. Actually, I did my background homework straddling the bog and crimping off several lengths. UK's Bike magazine has been running a Brunstrom watch column for about a year now.
  16. Wow! What UK is that you are talking about? *

    * In 2006 motorcyclists contributed 599 deaths out of the 3162 of all road users. A terrible figure, but not 1500.

  17. Well yes, of course I was referring to true modern journalism; which [as you've stated above] is 50% shit and 50% other people's work.
  18. I kneel in awe!
  19. Good point. I wonder if this copper was bound by any police regulations/guidelines regarding the use of sensitive pictures.

    There was a big curfuffle in Cranbourne not too long ago regarding police pictures of murder victims etc being found in a dumpster. They must have some kinda policy but I can't find anything.

    Regardless of the legalities, it doesn't seem to me like the actions of someone fit for his position.

    As for the rider's t-shit, does anyone know where he got it? :grin:
  20. Probably out of Performance Bikes. I used to love that magazine they have shirts like that all the time.....