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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Trumpy, May 11, 2006.

  1. i had a look at one in bikebiz, can't say i thought much of it.

  2. OMG... Its the devil spawn of a victa and a bmx!!! but I'd still like to take it for a ride...
  3. I don't mind the look, but I object to the price! If they were comparable in price to postie bikes, say around $1000-1200, they would be great and I think they would sell like hot cakes in the inner city. But at well over $2000, they make no sense whatsoever.
    That used to hold true for those Sachs-powered motorised pushbikes, from which I think the idea of Madass evolved. They were grossly overpriced as well, but at least you could say their advantage was you *didn't* need a rego and the licence. Madass doesn't even have that.
  4. They're a great idea for large European cities - especially since in many countries 16-18 year olds are allowed to ride anything 50cc or less. Guess it could have a market in the Australian states that allow 50cc on a car licence - but with a 50kph top speed you wouldn't want to stray too far from the city. Though I do wonder how they'd go off-road.
  5. Looks pretty cool but @ 2kw Im tipping it dont go too fast :LOL:
  6. Yeah. They would be great for dense urban environments. Europe is chock full of them, but in Australia we only really have two of these: Sydney and Melbourne - and both of them are in states that require a licence even for 50cc scoot.
  7. Our own johhny O would be the ideal bloke to talk to.
  8. http://www.docv.org/albums/200511italian/index.html

    This is my weapon of choice for terrorising the local bike paths and yes they can do burnouts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It is amazing when you get out on something like this it might do 80 ks flat out but the fun factor is bigger than anything cause you spend more time laughing :cool: :cool:

    By the way of the approx 300 + ks ive done on it its cost me about 4.00 in juice i think it evapourates out of the tank quicker.
    like the look of them heaps and i might just take one out for a spin.
  9. Posite bikes are not $1000 when they are new. So your comparing a new bike with prices for old bikes.

    Secondly your comparing a bike (the postie) with a 50cc scoot???
  10. Yeah, I sat on one of these last weekend. Whilst I reckon it would be fun, I certainly wouldn't be shellin out the money for it
  11. overseas at one of the bike shows they actually had a 500cc madass. But have been told will never come to oz..
  12. I compare prices as they are on the market. Yeah, I know posties are used, but that's the only way you can get them. The reason I picked a postie is because I think of them as the ultimate commuter appliance, a thing you get to trash and not worry about wear and tear, just something you get to get you places. I think Madass would be great in this role, if it was priced competitively with the postie. Pricing it the way it is puts it into a category of a overpriced toy instead, and I think that's a pity
    But even if you want to compare Madass with other 50cc scooters, it still doesn't compare particularly well. The base prices of Bolwell's 50cc's and the likes are just under 2 grand...
  13. I heard you can get bore-up kits for them from Sachs so that you could get them to be 125cc..
    but not sure if its available in OZ
  14. if u can bore it out to a 125 then 2k is a bad buy for it
    power to weight would be awsome
    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. If you could mono it all day, came with USD's and the black satin for a bout 1500, id be there, especially if the 125 version was standard! Woop Woop!

    I saw loads of these while living in holland, they were awesome, and actually sound like a motobike! The thing to do in holland if you were under 20 and this was your "ride" was to modify, After market pipes, rims and all other bells and whistles, And i reckon the standard one goes well faster than 50kph, unless it is restriced to australia!
  16. When you actually look at these they are based on the pit bike engines the old ct90 honda engine it costs 400 bucks for a brand new crate engine for a 125 4 speed auto / manual complete check out the the latest just bikes only this bike can be road registered.
  17. Yeah that thing is wild!! I googled it and found out that the one in that picture has a royal enfield 500cc engine in it and they are popular in Europe.
  18. An enfield motor, Jeeze that would spank, my pa's got a bullet 500 and it s got a good load a torque! strange choice of powerplant for such a design though i would have thought!