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Sachs x-road 250? Anyone know much about it?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jace_F, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I was lurking around these forums for a bit awhile back looking at getting my first bike, anyway for one reason or another that didnt happen but I am looking at it once again!

    I am looking at the Sachs x-road 250 as a potential but theres almost no mention of them on the forums here! Anyone know anything about them at all? Any good?

    I was initially thinking about a 125 but gave away that idea so was toying with the idea of the Kawi 250 but theres something about the Sachs styling that appeals. It would just be for commuting really, not planning any long distance rides or much highway riding but would love some opinions from anyone.

  2. I took one for a test ride as I thought it might make a passable city bike, a replacement for a scooter in a commuter role. It was a short ride because it quickly became obvious this wasn't a bike for me.

    Things I didn't like:

    - underseat pipe. I always maintain it is the stupidest place to put an exhaust on a road bike... It made my ass uncomfortably hot in less than 5 minutes. (admittedly it was in summer)

    - vibes. Vibes, vibes everywhere. I like my bikes smooth... and this was just the opposite. Of course this is a single cylinder but then so is my scooter yet it feels so refined in comparison you'd think it costs five times as much (and it didn't)

    - speedo/instrument panel - little digital thingy the size of a wrist watch, and about as useful for telling you what goes on with the bike.

    - extremely short first gear, but still not much go. And I am used to low powered machines! But on this one you twist the throttle, the whole thing shakes... and that's about it. Seriously, my 200cc scoot has more poke off the line and quite possibly better top speed as well!

    - general feeling of low quality and poor pre-delivery preparation. Mirrors falling off, not very eager to start (took a good few attempts to get it going), some other niggles I no longer recall. Just the overall impression: Made in China - say no more.

    Things I liked.... well, I really can't think of any, except that I still sort of like the overall look of this machine. But I didn't like any of the detail. As I said, just not a bike for me.
  3. Thanks for that review. Much appreciated!

    Doesnt sound all that positive at all, shame as it looks nice and is pretty well priced but if it rides like a dog il give it a wide berth.

    Back to the original plan..VTR250.

  4. I looked at it and they wanted $4.5K for it. I didn't bother taking it for a test ride at that price. I can get a decent second hand 250 trail bike from Japan for that. It needs to be under $4K minimum.

    Note I had a Sachs Madass at the time so I was happy with the quality if the price was right.
  5. I would encourage you to keep in mind that my opinion is highly personal and not to rely on my review completely. Arrange a test ride and decide for yourself - things that bother me might not be a big deal to you, or you might also get a better specimen, maybe one that was better prepped by your dealer... it just might make a difference. Also the winter is coming, there might be better deals to be had and that might make a difference as well.

    Of course, you can't go wrong with a VTR. Solid, reliable and zippy (for a 250) bike - in terms of performance it is pretty much guaranteed to beat Sachs by the mile, and will have better resale value as well.
  6. I sat on one at the Melbourne bike expo and the forks were out of whack. And that's their sales / demo bike!

    Looks good, but a used vtr would be a better bike.
  7. Yeah I thought the Sachs looked quite nice I am surprised they were quoting 4.5K for it, I thought its advertised price was around the 4K mark.

    Either way since I have never really read anything negative on the VTR250 and I like the naked look it seems its the way to go.