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Sachs motorcycles-distributor in receivership

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by DJmotorcycle, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I just called a dealer selling Sachs motorcycles and he said that the Distributor of Sachs motorcycles has gone into receivership.

    I assume he meant Stoney Creek Power Sports.

    Does anyone know if this is true?
    I was pretty keen on the Sachs Express 150 or 150 KN but if the distributor is no longer around then getting parts may be a problem.

    thanks in advance for any response.
  2. Few months ago now.

    Motorsport Importers have stuck up their hand for Benelli in the last few days. I'm not sure about the other brands.
  3. I heard the same thing, it was published in AMCN that they might be in trouble a little while back, don't know what the latest is.

    Pity, one of those $4K Puzey motards would have made a great commuter. :cry:
  4. Thanks for the quick replies.

    I am new to motorcycling so have not been aware of the latest, or past, news.

    I was looking for a sub-$2000 bike so it looks liek my search must continue or go the second-hand route.

  5. Kinlon.
  6. nuqneH
  7. Huh? :LOL: Are nuqneH Another sub $2000 chinese manufacturer?
  8. tlhIngan maH!
  9. I saw the Kinlon bikes but the reviews I found were less favourable than the Sachs.

    I will investigate the Kinlon, anyway. I was not keen on spending $4000+ on a bike (I am so cheap...)

  10. bIjatlh 'e' yImev
  11. Getting parts would be easy.....you'd just need to learn Chinese.

    I was also interested in the Sachs 150 but nowhere had a demo bike available, and now it looks like they may never have one. A sub-2k budget will seriously limit your options, unless you're mechanically competent I'd be holding off buying second hand till you could save up at least another grand to get a simple bike like a CB250 that's in good condition (or take a chance with one of the 3-4k Chinese bikes from Kinlon, Arqin, Loncin or Zongshen).
  12. well, in-laws are chinese so that may not be a problem...

    nope, not mechanically minded...

    it seems to be a trade off.
    cheap and perhaps get what you pay for orsecond-hand and hope that the bike is in good condition.

    thanks for your reply.
  13. :LOL: NO, Kinlon, not Klingon

    Man, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. :LOL:

    Ok, here goes: maj, jIyaj, nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'?

    Oh man.

    It's not my birthday, BTW.

    /Ot, Have a look at some cheap second hand stuff, if you're handy with a spanner, you'll be fine
  14. That's convenient - though you'd still need to find someone to work on the bike I guess and I'm not sure if the workshop manual would be readily available. That was actually one of the questions I planned on asking a dealer if they ever got one in stock - no way I'd be doing a 3 hour return trip just for a valve adjustment on a pushrod single (which I'm guessing is probably something that'd need to be done reasonably often).

    If you have to go with cheap 2nd hand best to look for a bike that has something obviously wrong with it - preferably something that you could live without fixing (ie cosmetic damage).
  15. Thanks, everyone, for your helpful replies.

  16. Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam
  17. Hi all, Anyone have an update regarding the sachs importer? I have a 150 express that still has 4 months warranty and needs some work done before it runs out.
  18. Perhaps FXpowersports in VIC?
    they sell teh bike, athough I have never called them to confirm their position on the brand at the moment.

    oh, and OT: what do you think of the Sachs 150 Express?
  19. It's the seller's responsibility to fix the bike under warranty. You will likely have to fight them, but that's the place to start.
  20. I bought the bike off eBay so don’t know how it was treated in its first 6 months of life (was it run-in, etc) I picked up the bike from Woy Woy and rod to Newcastle via the pacific h/way didn't dare take the Newcastle express way.

    The front forks are too soft so I will be putting some heavier oil in them.
    It was happy sitting on 80K and took it up to 90K on short bursts but that’s its limit. So it's a round about town bike. I took off the kick start it gets in the way if you have short arms and need to sit forward. The plastics on the bike are cheap and would fade and crack within a year or two if parked outside a lot.

    Finding neutral is a bit of hit and miss, found dropping from second is easies than hitting neutral from first, but I do like the LED "which gear am I in now" indicator. Firth gear feels like a fourth so it could do with a bigger back sprocket or a sixth gear.

    It is a easy bike to ride and very suitable to get your l's on, It has the power to keep you in front of the traffic without getting you in trouble.
    It has a very skinny front tyre which I don’t trust as yet in the corners.

    It don’t feels like it could stand-up to very much “hard riding†without bits falling off and will need a very regimented maintenance schedule to keep it going.

    It not a bike you can or should fall in love with. It’s kinda like your first love. If you don’t know any better you will be happy with it.

    I got the bike for my most test and will keep it for a year while I save to a real bike. Seeing the Sachs only cost me $1600 for a near new I am very happy with it.