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Sachs MadAss Tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by d7b, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. hi folks,

    tinkering with my madass and need a set of performance / semi performance tyres.

    i know i know, i can hear the laughter through the internet, but lets just say the modifications being performed on my Madass will require it to have slightly better than normal grip.

    anybody suggest who in Sydney would have wheel 16's this small? I can get pirelli's over the net but would rather buy local.



  2. I am laughing, yes, but please elaborate...! Dropping in a 2 stroke 250 engine?
  3. nah, got a husky smr450 for that sort of madness.

    170cc 4 valve engine. 27BHP (rear wheel) off the dyno. you will see me around sydney. one of the fastest vehicles up to 80 km/h in Sydney. hehe

    all good anyways. 100/80 16 and 130/80 16's (front and rear resp.) pirellis fit on the Sachs Madass (MT 75 model alpha numeric) for anybody wishing a bit more control
  4. if you are doing it properly whack some 17's on there. they you can get some sweet 100 and 120's. just get the rims and lace em to your hubs. will only cost a few hundred
  5. very interesting. thanks for the advice. anybody recommend where i could find suitable rims for such a conversion. My Motard rims cost 2k :S I dont want to spend so much. i guess ill google which scooter has 17" wheels