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Sachs Madass 125?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MZ, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I am thinking about getting a Madass to use as a commuter .
    Is there anyone that has one and can tell me the pros/cons
    Or is a postie bike a better option?

  2. You can do anything on a Sachs; the latest CycleTorque magazine has an article about a bloke who rode one round Australia :shock: :LOL:.
  3. They look very well made (imo) & built to last though from what I've seen they have ordinary performance figures.

    There was a Madass out at Archerfield many moons ago that I filmed with my phone cam, & you can see it on Youtube user name rpmorrell ....sorry can't find it for atm: bit of a rush.

  4. Yup nothing wrong with them, as long as you DONT get a yellow one :LOL:

    They run the tried and tested 125 Thumpstar engine [ not the cheap copy ]

    We have them in our shop, and occasionally I take the demo out for a play, :twisted:

    But they are only a commuter, you can get 110kph out of them with plenty of run up and down a hill [ not that I've done it :twisted: :LOL: ]
    But for round town they are nippy little creatures.
  5. Thats "Mad" :p
  6. Thanks for the info .
    Does anyone own one that could share their thoughts good and bad
  7. The outfit in East Maitland that I'm intending to buy MrsB's Ural from are Sachs dealers.

    Opportunity may exist to meet up when I pick up the Siberian Superbike, and you can have a look at the Madasses at the same time.
  8. I own one, and it happens to be for sale, but not because I don't like it. I think its fantastic!

    It's extremely economical and very easy to ride, seems similar to a pushbike as far as handling goes.

    I've done a few mods to mine to help it stay in front of the traffic and be heard, since in stock form they are a big sluggish.

    I ride mine every day, whether it be wet or dry, and it never misses a beat. It always starts straight away.

    I just wish it had a fuel gauge and a 5th gear. I'm selling mine so that I can buy something that will handle longer trips and freeways, etc.

    I was originally thinking of a posty bike, but I'm not a big fan of their skinny tyres, or their age. I was willing to pay a little extra for something that was new, and had a known history to me.

    PM me if you want to know anything more :)
  9. The day they make them in a 250 version, I'm buying! 125cc is just too gutless for my needs.
  10. I haven't ridden a Madass, but would love to. I can speak for the postie - I commuted on one for two and a half years: they're great! For $1000 you can get a good one with low kms, they're bullet-proof, have a tray at the rear for a top-box etc, and as far as I am concerned are pretty cool-looking and a lot of fun to ride....
  11. any more feedback?
    now that its been a while im sure theres a greater pool of knowledge out there!
  12. Still loving the ride to and from work on the Madass. Five bucks a week for fuel, small enough to squeeze through inner-city traffic.

    Reliability has so far been pretty good. Only real issues I've had were the speedo kept stopping (turned out to be a loose connector. Fixed easily by dismantling and re-seating the connectors), and a carby problem. Kept sticking on full throttle :shock: :shock: Turned out to be an easy fix: The throttle valve was sticking when the carby was tightened up on the manifold, but would work fine when off the bike. A small spring washer on ONE of the manifold bolts sorted it. The problem arose after thrashing too hard in traffic in the recent 43+ deg heat here in Melbourne = overheating issue...

    Tyres: Rear tyre in particular is sh!tful!!! I recently replaced it with a slightly larger, 130/80 16. NICE improvement. But NOTE: 130/80 is about the largest you can fit without mods, as you'll find the chain fouls/rubs on the tyre if you go any wider. There are a number of different brands available in the 130/80 16 size, but most shops seem to have difficulty finding listings for them. Be persistent if you want one.

    I'll post up more stuff as time allows.
  13. I have been riding one of these as a commuter whilst I save for a bigger bike. I have had some mods done namely racing carb, better intake, larger front sprocket, oil cooler and big bore kit (150cc).
    Top speed sits at 110 at the moment, haven't given it a good run on the freeway yet.
    No complaints at all from me. Initially I was getting an occasional idle to a stall but that has been fixed after I had the mods done.

    Thanks for the info on the bigger back tyre. That may be the next thing on the list (so much for saving.. I keep spending my money on the MadAss) :p
  14. I was under the impression (scooter central in brookvale advised me of this) that Sachs Australia had gone bankrupt or something? Will be rather disappointed if I was told porkies!
  15. FX Powersports Brunswick (where I bought mine) said they expected more stock between March and June. Just because Stoney Creek went into receivership doesn't mean that Sachs wont ever be back. They just need a new distributor.
  16. Yep - Stoney Creek still in receivership and going through Administration / legal issues now. No-one is honouring warranties ( ie : FX Powersports ) as they are waiting on news of what happens to Stoney Creek as well as parts, and I dont think Sachs will make a comeback unless a new distributor is found ( highly unlikely in todays economic downturn - unless FX Powersports continue with Sachs )
    Shame -Sachs arent bad bikes and they were cheap.

    IMO - wouldnt touch one just yet.
  17. Not honoring warranties? Is that even legal?

    I've seen one or two sachs bikes scooting around suburbs and main roads. If parts availability becomes an issue, the bikes would quickly become uneconomic to repair. Hopefully this doesn't happen.
  18. Yep, just ask an MGF owner.

    Hopefully someone does pick up the Sachs franchise, it'd be nice to see the x-road released here as well. Won't be good news for current owners if no-one does, it's not just a lack of parts but resale value will also more than likely plummet.
  19. Hmm that is contrary to what FX Powersports told me when I bought it.
    Then again it could just be a sales pitch.