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Sachs Madass 125 - My First Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by max_wedge, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. At the age of 42, I've finally got around to getting a motorbike. For a while now I've had the urge to get a postie, and having riden one for a couple of months in 2008, I've been keen as ever.

    What I liked about the postie was it's simplicity and ease of getting around town. However recently I saw a Madass parked at the train station and it really piqued my interest. Here was a bike, small like a scooter but looking like a cross between a fully fledged motorbike and a push bike on steroids. I even looked for pedals! Of course I didn't find any. Instead I found a new passion!

    A couple of months later someone was talking about the Sachs Madass and when we googled it lo and behold it was the bike I'd seen at the train station. A little more googling revealed the cheap price these could be had for, and a little more googling put me in touch with a seller of a second hand unit for $2200, with 450Km on the clock.

    Now I am the proud owner of a Sachs Madass 125 Silver. =D>

  2. Love these things ! I really wanna get my legs around one cos I think they'd be an absolute ball just for daily duties like ducking down the road etc.

    They look pretty cool too without trying too hard and making it ugly.

    Congratulations on the purchase and I hope it doesn't bring you any headaches :]
  3. Wow you got that for a steal! congrats on the new purchase!

    im a member of the madass club too! after a 2 year hiatus from bikes i picked up a white one last monday.

    im in love!
  4. Thanks guys! I'm still waiting for friday when I do the Morgan and Whacker course to endorse my license to "P" class, so I haven't got much riding in yet. I'm chomping at the bit. =D
  5. looks like a barrel of fun, enjoy
  6. ahah i've always wanted to have a ride of one of those things. I reckon it'll be mad fun around the city.
  7. Yeha, pretty much why I got it, make daily commuting a bit more fun. Ostensibly the reason is to save money on fuel... ;)
  8. i spend more on tyres every year than you did on the purchase price... so yeah... should be a cheap commuter :p

    congrats on your first scooter. now start the wheelies
  9. Nice one, congrats. My 125 tops out at 110ish but realistic cruising speed on the flat is 90-100. I'd be interested to know what speed the madass can comfortable cruise at?
  10. I'll let you know once I get my P license. I have had a couple of rides, got up to about 85-87kmh, but haven't actually had it out on a motorway as yet to really open it up or maintain that for any length of time.
  11. max wedge? U don't built custom supercharger manifolds do you?
  12. no, I'm an IT contractor for a 4wd accessories manufacturer (and several other smaller businesses), can't help you there. Wish I could, then I'd really crank the Madass!
  13. This crowd in the UK do a 141cc kit and other performance stuff.
  14. yep I've checked them out. Some good kits, but a bit exy once imported. I'd like to find something more local, but still it's an option I'm keeping in mind.
  15. heheh! No worries. I know theres a guy named max wedge (could be the company name) that builds them thought it could've been you.

    I'm an IT (programmer) contractor too :dance:
  16. After playing around with my Madass with a few after market bits and bobs I could comfortably cruise at 100-110. I even made the Vanilla Run from Melbourne to Daylesford via Woodend witn Brownyy (and many other NR members) on it. The only problem is with a small engine and no protection from the wind, any head or cross wind would slow me down/buffer me about the road a bit. Happy to be on a 600 Shadow now :LOL:

    2 more months till I am off restrictions... not that I'm counting or anything :p
  17. @udlose, I get you now, actually I had forgotten, but there is a company in the states who develop race engines from "wedge" format engines, they call them "maxwedge". The only other max wedge on the internet from what I've seen. I originally chose max (my name) and wedge (wedge antilles, x wing commander!) to make a username of max_wedge since it was something unlikely to be used elsewhere whenever I happended to sign up for forums (so I could retain the same ID across a range of forums).

    Go IT! We aren't all nerds.... :) though maybe I can't say that until I have something other than a madass for a bike :LOL:
  18. oooh me and and a mate want to pick up a couple of these to play with, he wants to take them to a track day :D

    p.s. im also an IT contractor (networks) haha :p
  19. yeah, I have to be careful otherwise I'll end up modding my bike too much and it will no longer be a practical around towner :LOL:
  20. Try overclocking it!!

    Terrible joke, I'm sorry! :bolt: