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Sachs kn 150 vs ...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by madass, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Yo,
    I am considering buying one of the Sachs KN 150 as my first bike. It's a cheap option for a commute too work which allows this missus to use the car. It goes for about $2400 on road. Jut wondering if anyone had any advice or had ridden one before? I heard Honda had brought out a competitor bike which I think from searching the web is the Hero Honda Hunk.

    Sorry would have posted pics/links but need 5 posts

  2. my bad

    Cheers for the links
  3. It seems all posts on the net about this Hero Honda Hunk come from India, so I would say this is a bike aimed at Indian market. Which means it will probably sell in millions over there, and I kind of doubt Honda will bother bringing it to Australia to sell another dozen or two. Even if they do, the process of going through ADR compliance testing takes months.

    So if you are on the market for that kind of bike, just get the Sachs. By the time Hunk comes to Oz (if it ever does) your Sachs will be probably falling apart anyway :)
  4. aha true I found the same when searching.

    Anyone know of other competitor bikes too the KN. I only got interested after going too look at the madass.
  5. They're called scooters :)

    Seriously though, everything similar in the power/price range is a scooter unfortunately. We don't really get small bikes here.
  6. As far as new bikes go you're not really going to find anything else in that price range except a scooter. If you were prepared to spend a little extra (ie 1-2 grand) then Zongshen have a 250cc sports and a 200cc motard that would also make cheap commuters and should be similar quality to the Sachs.

    Or you could just wait for psybic to find this thread and mention the fully-faired 200cc Huatengs he's importing ;).
    (Details can be found in this thread:)
  7. ok no drams cheers anyway
  8. there was a review in a recent edition of two wheels or road rider (can't remember which) that was positive