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Sachs Express - petcock dripping petrol

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by martyd, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a 2010 Sachs Express with about 1700kms on the clock. I began to notice very light stains where I park at work (and in my garage) under the bike, so had a look up underneath & I see a very small amount of petrol hanging on under the petcock. I presume it's only dripping when off (haven't found any on my shoes), and very slowly.

    These bikes have a strange triangle key to turn the petcock, which I turn off almost every time I walk away (even though the previous owner said he never turned it off), however, I have on 2 or 3 occasions started and run the bike while forgetting to turn it back to 'ON', only realising once the engine starts to struggle to run. Could this have caused the slow leak? and is there any chance this is serviceable?

  2. Running it without turning the fuel on will be just like running out of fuel, no damage at all, it just stops running. As for being serviceable, i would suggest it's in need of a new o-ring, which is pretty easy if you have any mechanical ability
  3. Hi,

    First of all i wouldn't think running the bike with the fuel tap off could cause any problems to the petcock. You probably need to figure out where exactly the leak is coming from. I would think that the possibilities are:

    -Bad seal where the petcock is joined to the fuel tank
    -crack in fuel hose where the hose attaches to the petcock
    -crack in petcock itself
    -small leak from petrol tank above petcock and the leaking fuel is running down onto the petcock (probably unlikely).

    I can't really give you any advice on what needs fixing or replacing until you can figure out exactly where the leak is coming from.

    EDIT: by far the most likely would be the O-ring that creates the seal where the petcock joins the tank
  4. To the above possibilities add leaking O-ring in the petcock. Not the seal to the tank, but the one sealing the moving bits from the non-moving.
  5. TheForgotten, Llewellyn, and GreyBM, Thanks for the replies. I'll take a closer look tonight. Since the leak is so slow and the bike not so old, I'm inclined to believe that an O-ring is the likely culprit.

    I tried to take a pic but getting my phone under the faring-like plastic was rather hard. I'll reply once I have better info and/or pictures :)