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Sachs Dash? Any one got one?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by kyle_13, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Well as the title states, if you have one please let me know what they are like and and pros and cons. Thanks

    Also what would be the better of the 2?

    Sachs Madass


    Sachs Dash

    Cheers Kyle
  2. phone Dean @ motogalleria, google for his number
  3. Madass wins hands down in my book.

    Motogalleria - Dean: 9699 6000

    Cnr Crockford and Ingles Sts in Port Melbourne.

    They're in the same building as Melbourne Motorbike Brokers

    Peter: 9645 5925

    As for which is better???? How long is the proverbial piece of string???? What sortr of riding do you want it for? Distance? Luggage-carrying? Looks? Street-cred? etc., etc.

    The other consideration is how handy you are with basic tools and troubleshooting. Being a Chinese-built machine, they have their little idiosyncracies, but MOST things are simply issues of nuts, screws, etc. vibrating loose. If you can't handle even the most basic maintenance stuff, then go Japanese, otherwise I think you'll really appreciate the Sachs, particularly the Madass..... :wink:
  4. thanks,

    yeah i will be travelling from home to work and back with the odd ride to the shops. works out to be about 10km each way.
  5. any particular reason why you've narrowed it down to a Sachs?

    are you talking about the 50cc models?
    if yes, then forget the Madass because its a 4-stroke and 4-stroke 50's are painful. The Dash is a 2-stroke and although all 50cc's are dangerously slow, at least 2-strokes are a little better than the 4's.
  6. not really, i just like the look of the Dash.

    I am going to go and give the Dash and the Red Devil a go this weekend and see what i like.

    I am not looking at spening anything over $2k. So if you have any other 50cc Scooters that are worth while let me know. As with my current financial status it is not feasable for me to get my motorcycle licence.

    The distance that i will be travelling will suit fine to a 50cc.
  7. (sorry, wrong state!)

    The madass looks heaps better if that is an issue.
  8. OK so your getting a scoot simply because it is dirt cheap transport. Thats totally fine, I understand that sort of thinking, so no worries there.

    Its not the distance that is the issue, its the power (or lack of) that a 50 generates. Take off from traffic lights will probably hold up other traffic. Thats just the deal with 50cc scoots.

    Have you ever ridden any scooters? If not, thats the first thing you need to do. I'd suggest going and hiring a 50cc scoot for a day. Ride it everywhere. Test it out in traffic, up hills, on dodgy road surfaces. You just need to be aware of what the 50cc scoots are capable of.
  9. Cheers for the info Duffman,
  10. Of course if you do all that and your happy with what a 50 can do, then absolutely go for it.

    also....not all 50cc scoots are created equal. I would strongly recommend that you go test ride as many different ones you can. By all means, narrow the field down based on looks, but after that you really need to ride them. There are so many variables to consider. For eg I am tall, so there are very few 50's that I fit in :) and you cant really tell for sure by sitting on them in a shop, you need a ride.
  11. Hey dude, I owned a Sachs dash 50, I wouldn't buy another one, it was very slow and had some issues with the fuel, it would starve alot and be very jerky, up a steep hill would have huge trouble taking off and I'm not a heavy dude about 72kg.

    The brand sachs is fine but the dash 50 really lets them down.
  12. I have a TGB 101s 50cc scoot. These things have a great centrifugal clutch.
    They hit 60 derestricted, easily, and boot uphill.
    Hell, you can nearly pick them up for $2k new.

    It is VERY RARE, even on multi-lane intersections, for me to NOT be well in front when the lights go green, and stay there. THey hammer.

    your peaugot's etc have a smooth slow clutch that makes them painfully limp from the lights, the tgbs rev then BITE so you launch a little. :p

    That said, they dont have anything on a bike. Get your licence.