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Sachs 650 Roadster ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by the mole, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I'd be grateful if anyone has some information on the Sachs 650, I know what it is, but would like to know a bit about what its like to own one, ie what its like to ride, parts availability, maintenance etc.

  2. Good luck with that. Pretty sure the number they actually sold was very, very limited (it was only available for 3 years and I know that for 2 of those years Sachs sold just 9 bikes of all models!).

    Edit: Correction, that was 45 bikes in 2 years. So I'd say the number of 650s would be in single figures, minus of course any that have been crashed or otherwise written off in the last 6 years.
  3. The 650 was a nice idea (start with a well proven Japanese engine) that lacked conviction (stuff like the instruments looked just plain cheap). Lots of people looked in hope, not many bought.
  4. It wasn't an ugly looking machine. I would have thought it would have done better.

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  5. DOES look like it was designed by a committee, though
  6. Two problems. First was finding a dealer that actually had one in stock, second was the fact that it was around 50% dearer than the GS500 (new price of the Sachs was $12,000).
  7. Its got a dr650 engine, so that would help with parts.
  8. I'd rather have the Suzi.........
  9. They make 650cc scooters now?
  10. The GS or the DR?
  11. DR - no doubt
  12. Yamaha SR, SRX, SZR, Honda FT, XBR, GB, Suzuki LS...big single road bikes have always sold too poorly and been pulled. And yet they're the most character-filled bikes! Trouble is they give you constipation on any long highway run.
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  13. Looks like I missed out on the Sachs anyway. Now checking out a Versys, would really like a V-twin, but the likes of the Strom are heavier than I really want. Could always just get a DR and fit road rubber, but i liked the look of the Sachs...
  14. SV650?

    Nice and light with a great V-Twin..

    However. the parallel Twin in the Versys is nice and torquey - one thing to know is that there is a little flat spot between ~3K rpm and ~5K rpm which can be tedious for commuting.
  15. IIRC Quarterwit had a mate with one. Wasn't impressed with parts availability.
  16. Three month's search/wait for a manifold gasket.

    The wife of the president of the Royal Enfield Club has one. I think they just resort to modifying the thing (eg in the braking department) to take readily available parts.

    I for one would go for it, but with open eyes that I'd have to do some research and be creative about parts.
  17. I cannot think of a single reason why that bike would be worth purchasing.
  18. I'll give you one ;-)

    (I assume we're punning?)
  19. Well, I missed out on the Sachs, now looking at sv650 nakeds. Comparing the specs to my GS500 its interesting to note that the internal gear ratios are identical, wonder if they are the same gears, or just same numbers of teeth? I like the idea of the slightly softer DL engine with a bit more flywheel weight, but the Strom is just too heavy. I want something under 200kg dry.