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Sachs 650 Roadster: new owner

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Cheeba, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post so hopefully I am in the right forum. I just want to find out what the idle RPM should be on my Sachs 650 Roadster; and also wondering if anyone knows where I can get a technical manual for it. I have the owner's manual but that doesn't mention the idle.

  2. I've pointed this in the direction of a Roadster owner I know. He might be able to answer your questions.
  3. Not sure, I'd say 1250rpm for the idle can't really go wrong with that.

    How about you give us a review of the bike though, I'm sure some of us would be interested in it.
  4. Mine tends to sit around 1500rpm. There's no exact science in it - I just tend to adjust it on the move to something that sounds healthy...

    White screw on the left, if you don't know already.
  5. Thanks very much guys :)

    That's great, I assumed it would be around the 1500 mark. Phizog, give me a week on it mate and I will be back to give you as much a review as a novice can give but first impressions are that it is a bloody comfortable ride (great seat and good upright position) and handles corners very nicely; the pipe makes everything a lot of fun - especially coming from a fairly silent Spada. I'm getting use to having to be more accurate with the throttle but when you give it a bit of wrist it sits up and takes notice ha ha! I picked it up last night on a very blowy Melbourne night - it sat at 100kms without a great deal of effort and sat solidly in it's path without any shifting around which I had expected being a light bike for it's size. Nice big tank will help matters too - 17ltr with 3.5ltr reserve. Round mirrors which give a surprisingly great coverage so less head-bobbing/wiggling to get an idea of what's behind before head-checking. Instruments are all well laid out and very well lit at night - also got quite a beefy horn on it :grin:

    What is your take on it Earl? Have you had yours for a while?
  6. Quite like it. I've had it for getting onto a year now, though it was off the road for quite a while with a reliability issue. That was only due to a split in a hose, that would let air into the fuel system when it heated up, and really could have happened to any bike.

    Nice amount of torque, makes a good noise, and is comfortable and fun to ride. Looks great, too, at least from the back. Just out of curiosity - what's the recommended service interval in the manual? I didn't get one with mine, and the shop that sold it to me closed down before they forwarded it through...
  7. I think it looks great from all sides - I am really getting the feel of it today and loving it (now that I have fixed the choke!)

    The inspection schedule is: 1000km, 6000km (or after a year), 12000km (or after two years) then every 6000kms after that. If you ever need any other info feel free to give me a shout.
  8. Isn't it a Suzuki DR650 engine? Wouldn't the DR specs apply to all aspects of the engine's maintenance? Much easier to find a manual for one of them...
  9. JohnnyO used to own one and worked for the importer. He'd be the man to ask.
  10. Hi Bumblebeeman, yes it is a DR650 engine and I thought it would be the same deal for the Sachs but being a bit of a newb I didn't want to make any potentially damaging assumptions - I did look the other day for a DR650 manual but will look a bit harder now. Cheers.

    Thanks Loz, will keep an eye out for JohnnyO for any future queries :)

    Well it is day two and Melbourne has really given me the right weather this morning - no jumper needed and the inner removed from the jacket (but in the backpack just in case, it is Melbourne after all!)

    This bike loves corners like a fat man likes pies; it just eats them up with very little effort. I'm getting to grips with the sweet spots on the gears and feeling really at home on it already. I cannot wait for this weekend to get out for a pleasure ride instead of a commute but even on the commute the Sachs is a leisurely ride.
  11. Awesome - you're are a legend, thanks mate!