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Sachs 650 Roadster Demo - I have a problem!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Earl, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Howdy,

    I have a bit of a dilemma I'm after suggestions for. I just took my Madass 125 in for a service because at 1700km and being a single, things have started to fall off...

    It's been a great first bike, and has been fantastic for a learner because of the sheer unthreatening nature of it, but I've recently discovered 100km/hr zones aren't it's best friend. After much discussion with the person bolting it back to together, I found they had a Sachs 650 Roadster demo that had been sitting around in the shed for years, because no-one goes to scooter dealerships to look at bikes.

    This is where the problem really starts - they threw me the keys. Fantastic riding position, far too much torque, and the Suzuki DR650 engine sounds like all hell is breaking loose at idle. Unfortunately, they then offered to sell it to me for $4500 + 1 slightly used Madass 125, paid in $100 fortnightly instalments.

    Um, what the hell do I do? I know it's an orphan bike, but one with a mass production Japanese motor, that's German made and has a 2 year warranty. My major concern is whether 50hp is too much for a second bike.

    Suggestions, comments?

  2. JohnnyO owned one of these while trying to pretend he didn't need a superbike.

    I say buy it, buy the hell out of it. They look like a lot of fun (especially with a JohnnyO on them.)
  3. A) Its a single and a big one. Say no more.
    8) Sure looks sexy.
    C) Lots and lots of low down grunt. Also will be very fast through tight twistes....
    D) Again looks sexy....

  4. Is it the same colour as the one Future posted?

    Two year warranty (so long as they're there) plus you're gonna be hard pressed to sell your 125 anywhere else, I'd say go for it :cool:
  5. Hell no, after all a decent 250 doesn't put out all that much less than that and plenty of people start out on those. Go ahead and buy the 650, just imagine all the fun you could have customising/modifying it :cool: .
  6. Go for it! My next bike is only going to be 70hp and thats sfa compared to i4 brothers of the same capacity.
  7. Buy it now!

    I gave one of these serious consideration when looking for a mid sized naked bike recently

    Give us a review once you have it
  8. How could you not.....



  9. Found this at http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/motorcycle/sachs-motorcycles/1043936/

  10. Never ridden one myself, but I have to say they look like a lot of fun :)
  11. Cool lookin bike, sounds like a good deal go for it! By the way what color is it?
  12. It's blue, exactly the same colour as FUTURE's pic.

    Well, that's a total of 12 positive responses, from here and friends, though I have purposely omitted discussing it with some who just got used to the idea of the 125!

    I think it's a go, though have to officially earn my unrestricted license before legitimately taking it out. As for the safety side of things, my Madass is probably just as dangerous up to 90 odd, though gets there a little slower.

    Will provide official pictures when it happens, and possibly some sound - it's unearthly!

    Thanks for your help.

    By the way, the best view is this one...

  13. Thanks for the info Future

    Good specs - bike looks great value.
  14. There is one of these bikes at Bikebiz. The reason I didn't buy it was the price compared to what I paid fro my MZ. They want $6999. Plus my MZ came with fairing and panniers.
  15. The gallery has spoken, I think the choice is now clear Mike...
  16. So lets see,

    $4,500 in fortnightly interest free payments
    Trade in Sachs worth what $2K

    mmmmm I reckon that's OK, as long as you will be happy with the bike long term. :grin:
  17. If I were you I'd buy an ACTUAL DR650 that someone has already put 17" wheels on.
  18. Done.

    Pick it up in a fortnight - just holding onto the Madass while I get my opens.

    That includes on roads, which is a pretty decent deal. Pics and review to come!
  19. What was the name of this dealer again? Want to grass cut you! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. You'll never find it, I live in the middle of nowhere! :LOL:

    If you're serious, Bikebiz have one for $6,999 plus on roads. I'm sure if you wandered in and pointed out that Sachs now really don't exist anymore, you'd probably get if for cheaper!