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SAAB pays for GM's financial stupidities

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. That's a real shame. Mum's not going to be happy at all. She's been a Saab owner and fan for many years.

    F***ing yanks! :(
  2. That really takes the biscuit....damn stupid Americans with thei damn stupid "free market economy".

    I'm too angry for words.
  3. It worries me that the big companies are going to suppress any progress on electric and hydrogen cars for a long time.

    Theyre just going to keep supplying us with dino burning wasteful cheap crap.
  4. This is really unfortunate. Saab's offerings were always a little different to what you would find at the other manufacturers (I loved how they put the ignition down by the handbrake) and I always loved the styling.
    It really comes as no surprise though. After the GM takeover, they became just another bland car based on the GM Epsilon platform, using uninspiring Ecotec motors, and they lost many of their followers when they ditched the hatchback variant (Remember the 9-3 Viggen?). This really is a shame.
  5. Sad, real sad.

    I love my Saab and would own a new one at the drop of a hat if George Adams helps me out a little.
  6. me too vic.

    The 9-5 biopower turbo will damn well out do a porche carrera ffs! Awesome cars, little different in looks but i'd have mine over any holden any day. Hell How many cars are designed to run specifically for use with ethanol as part of the fuel, any new saab can, well I guess its could now.
  7. There goes another one. They haven't had an interesting car since the GM takeover anyway though imo.
  8. I'm surprised Swedish government didn't step in to bail them out, or to buy them outright.. and it's not just the cars - I don't know if that's still the case, but for a longest time Swedish Air Force was flying entirely home-grown planes -jet fighters and all, built by none other than SAAB. Their planes were just like their cars - not necessarily better, but certainly different.

  9. I think you'll find that Saab Cars and Saab Aircraft are separate companies, have been since about 95 probably about the same time they actually made an inovative car...
  10. Never was a fan of SAABs. But without things that we don't like, we lose variety, and then things get boring.

    On the other hand, this is a good thing. No longer being confined to the horrors of a shared platform could mean that the SAABs of the future will be a little more appealing.
  11. The main issue that doomed SAAB is that they have been making a loss for some years now and GM no longer have the luxury of supporting loss making subsidiaries.

    Yes it's a shame... but it's not unexpected (and I expect at least one other GM subsidiary to go yet).
  12. You're right, what I dont understand is how anyone thought is was a good idea. People that bought Saabs bought them because they were different, when they became badge engineered world boxes they stopped...

    Whood of thunk it???
  13. As someone whos spoken to people that have owned many GM brands I can tell you Id rather have a Holden (& I do!). Even Koeniggsegg didnt want Saab. Hands down the worst ever demo horror stories I ve heard have come from Saab owners!
    Saab owners need to wake up, Its not a BMW! You didnt spend that much. For all the talk about Saabs technology, to have engines failing due to oil sludge, if not serviced religiously, due to poor oil pickups seems rather poor.
  14. Apart from their strokers (the design of which owed much to DKW), Saab's engines were never outstanding. Even the much vaunted 99 Turbo only came about because Saab didn't have the money to develop a new, naturally aspirated engine but wanted more power.
  15. They should sell SAAB to ABBA -- those 4 are the highest export earning company in sweden

    I would buy saab for $1 and sell it to the chinese for $1000