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[SA] Yamaha World

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by red.hot, May 14, 2007.

  1. Note about thread:
    This thread discusses mixed feelings about an Adelaidean bike dealership, so please read the whole thread. I have tried to present the information as fairly as possible, and i have restrained my negative comments drastically when describing my impressions of the dealership (especially in the post that recounts events) for fear of the thread being taken down. It is far more important to me that the thread stays up and people are able to form their own opinions about this nightmarish situation that I have just been through, rather than me just having a good rant online that will stay till it's noticed and not get seen after that.
    Please, read on....

    I do want to put in a big two thumbs up for Martin, Tim and all the others at Yamaha World on South Rd. I recently bought my Kwaka GPX from those guys for a pretty reasonable price (dealer wise). They have given me a lot of useful advice about getting started in riding and basic bike maintenance.
    Then I found the bike had a couple of oil leaks after I took it home. While there was no warranty offered, they took it back and not only stopped the leaks, replaced the rocker cover gasket and the spark plug tube o-rings, without charge.

    Special thanks to Martin for working to my timeline and having the bike back to me just in time for our Saturday ride.

    As dealers go, I have been very happy with the way I've been treated by these guys and give them two thumbs up to anyone browsing dealerships for bikes, advice or other bits and bobs.

  2. Yeah thats what its all about though. $11 in o rings and gaskets, and they have a possible return customer. Good on em for giving a shit about the little guy on the second hand bike I say. Not enough companies willing to give any follow up these days.

    Thanks for the tip red.
  3. Again, I am really impressed with the Yamaha World. Unfortunately, I had to make another trip back to the mechanic shop there because I was unlucky enough to score a nail in the tyre during my second week of riding.
    The crew at YW plugged the tyre from the inside for me while I waited ($30).
    I also asked them about taking the cover off my front indicator as I was meaning to replace the globe that had gone out this week. They then proceeded to replace, not only the globe that was out, but the other front indicator as well, which was perfectly fine, but low voltage causing my indicators to flash double time.
    They didn't charge me a cent for the globes, let alone the work!

    Thanks for looking after me guys!! It's great to find a shop that continues to care about its customers after the sale is made. :)
  4. Wouldn't get that kind of service at Peter Stevens, now would you!?!

    Wish I was closer to YW. Just from your report, I'd get my bike serviced there!

    Hey all you other dealers, take note!

    Pooh out!
  5. Nah, I'm not sure about Redwing Honda down in Mornington either ;)
  6. Do you think that all comers would get this great treatment?

    Or is it because you are 24 yo and Red Hot? :LOL:
  7. Ha ha. I wish. It could help that I am female, but perhaps they realise that I mix with a lot of other riders and news will spread, whatever the outcome. They are also a platinum dealer for Yamaha and initially made the comment to me that they must provide top customer service to maintain that status.
    It is nice to see their claims demonstrated.
  8. 20/20 hindsight..... well, how much can you be expected to know having total inexperience with bikes. I'm not afraid to admit my ignorance, but I'd prefer if other people would treat it with respect....
  9. Ok, so the thread looks like it is staying.

    I guess it can't hurt to simply state the order of events.

    Three weeks ago, I bought my bike from Yamaha World, with the assurance that the bike would be in Road Worthy Condition (although this would not be given in writing) when I took it home. The lovely sales man told me that if anything was not right with the bike, just bring it back and they would fix it up for me, free of charge. Not having any experience with bikes and knowing anyone in Adelaide with a bike, I figured I couldn't do much better than this. After all, he assured me that they are a Platinum Dealer for excellent customer service and would have to maintain this level to keep this title.

    They put it through a safety check before I picked it up. The screws that it was missing were replace for me and they even said they had replaced the brakes. Ripper! :)
    Great to have a company that is committed to the satisfaction of their customer.

    Two days later, i met some people from NR and we went riding. We noticed blue smoke coming off the engine. Oil burning from two small leaks. Not to worry, the dealer and floor manager had both said they would fix me up if it had any further problems.
    I took the bike in on thursday. The service manager called later that evening to say that the rocker cover gasket would have to be replaced - ordered locally it should come in the next day.
    I called up on friday afternoon. The gasket had just come in and would be fitted the next morning. They were good enough to have it fitted just in time for my 11am ride. That's service! I was pretty impressed.

    The next wednesday I noticed a nail in my tyre :(
    I kept off it the thursday and spoke to Yamaha World on friday. The service manager, who knew who I was by this point, said to bring it in and they would plug it for $15 if it was near the centre of the tyre or $30 if it was more than two inches from the inside of the tyre. Here's a pic, you decide.... https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=37134
    The sales manager said one of his boys would fix me up on the saturday morning. When I got there he asked me if I had had a quote. Then he said that the cheaper option was an unsafe way of plugging so they would do it properly from the inside and charge me the $30.

    I mentioned that I had noticed the right front indicator to be out and asked them how I might get the cover off. They offered to do it for me there, supplied the bulb then even changed the left one too because my lights had been flashing faster and they were now flashing at normal speed. I was so impressed with this level of committment. The right indicator was a bit corroded, so they sanded the connection for me and told me it shouldn't give me any more problems.

    That afternoon, Speedy and I were on a ride and noticed smoke off the engine. We pulled over and she was worried, but I told her the mechanics must have just missed a leak. No worries, I would take it back to show them.

    I took it back on Monday morning. The service manager had another look, admitted that he had missed some leaks, told me to leave the bike with them for a couple of days, they would put it up on the bench, give it the full run, make sure they got every last leak and then call me when they were done. A week earlier FBF had looked over the bike and we noticed that the fan wasn't working. I asked the service manager to check it out.

    I called on wednesday and he said the bike was finished. He just wanted to give the engine a good clean, so I should pick it up after two. I dropped in, the bike was ready and I could ride away on it. He said he had bridged the fan and it was fine. The bike is cool running though, so the fan would not come on until it was quite hot. I rode it into coffee night.....something felt a little different though. Not quite as smooth as before.

    The next morning, I had a great deal of trouble starting the motor. I was riding it into Uni of Adelaide, via Anzac Hwy. Really odd, it stalled a couple of times before I left the house, then continued to stall every time the revs went down under 2000. I had to keep rolling on the throttle every time I slowed to stop at the lights or it would go straight out. I got to Marion Rd and decided to go straight to YW because I wasn't able to ride it like this. It stalled three times in the intersection of Anzac and South Rd, almost causing me to crash.

    The guys at YW appeared very understanding. They new straight away what the problem was. They explained that they had been lifting the tank and that dregs from the tank had probably gone down into the carbies. They asked me to wait while they fixed it up for me. I was quite shaken from the ride, they got me a cup of coffee and made sure I was very comfortable. The service manager said they would drain the fuel and scrape the tank, give it a good clean, get out the dregs.

    An hour and a half later, they came and got me. The problem had been fixed apparently. The service manager had even taken it around the block himself for a while, trying to stall it, but he said he couldn't. I asked him if I would need to stop off at the servo to fill the tank, seeing it was drained. He replied no and that they didn't actually have to drain the tank in the end. (??!!??)
    He did mention that the idle was a bit erratic, but that happens because it is an older bike, wear and tear you know. I thought this a little odd as the idle had never seemed that rough to me. It had really been very smooth I thought.
    I went to leave and noticed that the idle was fluctuating by about a grand when I was sitting still. I had never seen it like that before. How odd.

    The ride into uni was alright, for the first fifteen minutes. It started to stall at the lights again when I was in the central city area. Then it was really complaining as I went to park.

    I called vtr_rida to ask if he could accompany me home. I wasn't sure about the bike. We left at 5:40, after 20 minutes of revving and stalling. We got to my house in Oaklands Park at 6:40. It was running terribly, stalling and refusing to restart without a great deal of persuasion. When I left uni, the temperature was right up on the red. No fan. Only when I got out of the city and started riding faster did the temp go down to half.

    Later that night, NR mates came over to look at the bike because I could not start it to meet them for coffee in Glenelg. It sounded like a problem with the idle and the carbies. We arranged a spanner day for sunday to fix the bike and make it rideable.
    They checked the brakes. The back brake was fine. The front brake had less than 1mm of pad before the metal. This made me feel a little ill.
    We made a list of the parts I would need to pick up to fix.
    Oil was still leaking from this area as well as the seam I had originally noticed and pointed out.
    The oil was overfilled and seeping from various parts of the bike. The exhaust was rich with oil. My learning curve has been very steep :)

    Thank you to BacaThomo for organising a trailer to get the bike to the Kickers place!
    What a brilliant spanner day! I certainly learnt a lot. I will post a pic of the brake pad soon if I remember. The oil was thick sludge and had some metal shavings.
    The air filter was completely blocked. Seemed like someone had soaked the filer in sealant :?
    The carbies had a little crap in the bottom of them. The left and right butterflies were not balanced. We thought the left carbie pilot jet had been snapped off - turns out it was just jammed so far down that it was essentially disfunctional. Explains the stalling. The right carbie needle guard is damaged. The brass main jet and the jet needle for the left carbie were seized together. :/
    The microswitch in the front brake is faulty, so my brake light does not work when I pull the brake right in. The carbies are still unbalanced. I will have to consult a competent mechanic about that.

    One of the guys questioned why my bike did not have pillion pegs. It just came that way, I figured they were not standard on learner legal bikes when I was considering it at the shop.

    So, the bike still needs some work. But thanks to my mates at NR, it is up and rideable and, most importantly, safe now.

    One positive from this pretty nasty and very stressful situation:
    I am glad I have learnt so much about bikes :grin: and who to trust when it comes to caring for them and my own safety.

    I hope no one else has to deal with this nasty sort of situation.
    Happy riding! I'll be back out there with you all soon :cool:
    Coz what do we do when we fall off the bike?..... (no, I haven't managed that yet, amazingly)

  10. :evil:

    I once said to a car rental company that rented me a car with a flat tyre which we only noticed after driving from Sydney airport to Campbelltown (about 50k's on the motorway), that you can fcuk with my money, but you can't fcuk with my safety.

    I'll be happier to pay too much to get something than to be lied to and find my safety has been jeopardised. Sure as shit, YW has lost any business I might ever have sent their way.
  11. wow, i thought I had bad luck with my bike! :shock: but you have definitely had a worse run than me - kinda lucky coz I bought mine privately!
  12. Hey Red Hot.

    Thanks for the heads up on your outcome. Sounds like they continually applied patch repairs instead of fixing things properly. :evil:

    On the surface it looks like they tried, but digging deeper, they did what all used car dealers have done for centuries. That is, patch it and hope the customer doesn't notice!

    Good to see that it's business as usual in the automotive industry! :evil: :evil:

    Hope that’s the end of problems for you and the start of many years of repair and stress free riding.

    Stay safe,

    Pooh :grin:
  13. sad to see such a change of heart, its dealings like this that really sour an experience that should of been joy and happiness.

    glad the adelaide NR members.. could band together and help ya out!

    looking fwd to seeing ya on wed!
  14. Good to hear she's all go again Sherryn! Sounds like you had a fun day trying to piece the problems together :) I'll see ya out and about sometime soon!
  15. Good onya poo stirrer, maybe you could open a bike shop and keep everyone happy?
  16. NOPE, I wouldn't like dealing with the public on a daily basis! Hence I don't work in retail! I know I don't belong there, yet many other people don't realise this about themselves!
    It comes down to respect for others. I give my customers the very best service I can and even better than I would expect to receive!
    Many people have stores and maybe think that one unhappy customer is ok. Not on my watch (no pun intended)! I know it cost a lot more money to get a new customer, than to keep an existing one! I like to think that my business is here for the long haul.

    Any other questions? :grin:

    Pooh out!
  17. I don't think any shop owner/manager thinks it's ok to have an unhappy customer you dick!

    God I continue to read public forums and let the knuckleheads get under my skin, why don't I learn?
  18. Can't say I did much on the spanner day, provided a bit of comic relief I guess... some jokes were terrible, my apologies, lol.

    Must consult a bookstore for a new joke book. :cool:

    Although, I learnt a few things on the day too. Well done to those involved!
  19. Let me guess, you work in retail in the automotive industry? :LOL: