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[SA] WIMA Pink ribbon Ride, Sunday 22 October

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. I added this to the event calander but I must have forgotten something since it didn't appear here....
    so trying again:

    Sun Oct 22nd, 2006
    [SA]WIMA Pink Ribbon Ride

    Starting at Burnside Shopping Centre at 9am (departing at 10am), and riding through Strathalbyn to Wellington.

    This is a ride for a cause - to raise money for breast cancer research.

    $10 entry includes saussage sizzle, raffle entry, and door prize. Prize for best dressed bike. More info here:


    Pagan & I will both be there (maybe dad too?)
    hope some netriders come along.
  2. would love to but at a joint 20,21,2* 27th(mine) birthday party down south on the sat night before hand... so between teh 4 of us.. and our mates... wont be in a riding state sunday!

    hope the ride goes well!
  3. I'll try to make it, with Larry on the back.

    Though I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on the Thursday beforehand (in the hospital :cry: ) so I don't know if my fatty-fatty boom-boom face will have subsided by the Sunday morning. I.e. I may not be able to put my helmet on...
  4. bumping this ride.
    I'd really like it if more netriders could come along.
    yeah I know it's not "hey a bunch of us are going for a fang through the hills" but this is a ride for a charity.
    the $10 you donate goes to breast cancer research

    Most people know someone who's had/has breast cancer - if you value breasts you'll come on this ride!!!
  5. I would put my hand up to go but i can't definately answer, need to know from my brother whether I am looking after my nephew that weekend, due to my brothers work commitments I look after him alot on the weekends.
  6. Hi Edgelett, Im new to these forums only found out about netrider a couple of weeks back when I was on a ride with the MRA & one of the guys told me about it, anyway Im going on the run and will have my wife on the back and we always like to meet people to go riding with.
  7. Just for you Edgelett, I am going to put my bike back together. Even though it won't be painted yet. So it will have some rough dodgy looking spots haha they look pretty crappy actually :LOL: Then, come to this ride, dontate my $10 and come for a spin with ya'll.

    Then, Tony can tell me how crappy of a job I done plastic welding have a laugh then beat me to Wellington. I actually think I have done quite well... For a first timer anyway lol.

    Anyway, that is a yes from me I will come along. :grin:

    P.S. I like breasts.
  8. If im not at work i can come!
  9. kerry and I will be hopefully catch up with run at strath. I have to work sunday morning (who came up with the idea of church on a sunday anyway?) so look out for us at wellington.
  10. sketchie.. plastic welding??

    think we be talking on wednesday night bout this.. as i got quoted 350$ to repair the side covers on the GPX!!

    good luck with teh ride edgelette!
  11. Dude you are talking about a GPX they are always cheaper. LOL They are almost like a scooter only. Not. HAHA.. Yeah talk on wednesday. :grin:
  12. *bump for a good cause*

    i was indicating i was none too pleased with that quote! a couple small cracks.. specially when my mate with his ninja had crakcs far larger fixed for far less from the same guy!
  13. Myself and hails will be there and hopefully have a few more guys with us
  14. cool, looks like I'll be meeting some new people sunday!
  15. I may make it on Sunday. I'm at home recovering* from losing my wisdom teeth. I suppose it'll depend on whether I can get my helmet on.

    * Eating Yogos and jelly!
  16. I'd like to say yes, but like EACruiser, I'm unsure.

    Any idea's how many kilometres it is?
  17. Ok, I will be there meeting sketchie and some of the group early to ride to the meet point.

    So see you all tommorrow.
  18. i'm not sure the total distance
    but it's a 2 hour ride.
    there are 1-2 stops on the way
  19.  Top
  20. So you rode ahead with the reason we all know in mind. So how did that work out for you? :) We all thought you would run outta juice but we knew, other things were more important. :p

    Oh yeah good ride guys. Was fun. Hey Edgelett was your dad happy you stopped to look at the beast? Is it as pretty as he thinks it is? :p