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[SA] WIMA Pink Ribbon Ride, Sun Oct 21st

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: edgelett

    Sunday 21st October 2007 10.00am


    DEPART Burnside Shopping Centre @ 10am - all welcome

    DETAILS Ride Leader - Vicki: 0408 816171

    All welcome, ride from Burnside through Strathalbyn to Willaston for ...

    ... more

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  2. well, I'll be there. hope some others can make it too!
  3. Another year, another pink ribbon. I guess I can vacate the house for a day. :LOL:
  4. That should read . . . to Wellington.
    Wouldn't want everyone heading north and missing out on the BBQ. :LOL:
  5. One sausage and coleslaw doesnt really count as a BBQ LOL ah well its for a cause. :LOL:
  6. If i have my new bike by then....which i should :mad: ....ill be keen :) :grin:
  7. If I can get a new pulser generator for my CB by then, I may talk the missus into letting us both go...on our first fundraiser ride. Will be very interested.
  8. If me and my bike survive the trip back from PI I reckon the bro inlaw and myself will be there.
  9. wierd - I changed the post to show Wellington but it didn't change...odd

  11. my dad is coming & bringing some mates too - should be a great day.
    going to be warm though!
  12. Me, Myra the 2 boys and Disco will be there
  13. And here is me just notcing that I missed it! FARRRRRRK!!!!! :evil:
  14. how was the ride? any pics?
  15. Great ride, stacks of bikes- wasn't expecting that amount of people.
    Not as hot as it was forecast but a little windy though. Some of us would have had a week of it going back and forth to the island, so wasn't a prob.
    As for photos check out the Sabers site, there should be some shots posted up.

    Hope the di#*h%#d who hit the picks in front of me on a 55km bend and stopped mid corner sorted his bike out. ( was looking down at something a few corners before)
  16. seemed to be a few people braking hard in the middle of corners - was shitting me off.