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[SA] where to get custom seats made

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. OK - starting to finish off the last few things on the custom hornet & one thing I REALLY want is a custom seat.

    Something like this:
    http://www.cmseats.co.uk/Blank Page 5.htm

    now these look awesome but they're in the uk :cry:

    so does anyone know where, preferably in Adelaide, I could get a custom jobby done? if need be I can send the seat interstate but would prefer a local business.
  2. Have you asked your local furniture upholsterer? They may already have the expertise, and the price to match...

    Otherwise someone who does car seats. I don't see how it'd be too different for bikes (though I'm fine to be proved otherwise).
  3. I ducked around to my local upholsterer (just behind my building) and he recommended to only go to the auto places - there's too much difference in the vinyl.

    Try these places, though I can't recommend any of them either way:

    Castle Trim
    Unit 3/ 2 Raglan Ave Edwardstown SA 5039
    ph: (08) 8351 5746

    Daley's Auto Marine And Upholstery Supplies Pty Ltd
    Rear 229 Richmond Rd Richmond SA 5033
    ph: (08) 8354 3322

    Kinch Trading Pty Ltd
    Unit 5/ 355 Brighton Rd Hove SA 5048
    ph: (08) 8298 3911

    Nolan Shannon & Co Pty Ltd
    4 Paget St Ridleyton SA 5008
    ph: (08) 8340 7979

    Monaco Auto Trimmers
    Unit 1/ 9 Pattinson Rd Newton SA 5074
    ph: (08) 8336 8709

    North East All Transport Upholstery
    U12, 26 - 28 Jacobsen Crs Holden Hill SA 5088
    ph: 0411 775 430
  4. thanks Cam, will sus out those places & some others I found in the yellow pages.
    was hoping someone here would be able to recommend someone who gave them a good deal/service.
    I'll just have to choose i guess!

    it's been held off a little anyway as I've just ordered something very expensive.