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[SA] Victor Harbor via Delamere

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Today there was sun, and I was home from work, so I did what anyone would do: Rode to Victor Harbor via Delamere.

    I got up early, gave the bike a quick clean, rugged up in my winter gear including neck warmer & headed south.

    Had to fill up at Darlington, so decided to pop into my mum's on the way for a cup of coffee to warm up with. Also gave me a chance to charge up my iPod (my battery is stuffed). Then I was back out into the cold.

    Here's some advice for you all: don't ride South on a cold day on a naked bike. it was 13 in the city, meaning it was 9 degrees at victor, making it around 7 degrees on the bike with wind chill. While my chest & legs were warm, my fingers were FROZEN! i had trouble turning the bike off & taking my gloves off to take some pics! I knew it was cold cause my bike runs a little hot normally, and by the time I got home from the ride the temp gague was only just starting to move off 'cold'.

    anyway, down south rd I went & instead of taking the turn off to Victor I continued on the way to Yankalilla. Took some happy snaps on the way:



    then kept going till I got to Delamere, where I turned left onto my fav road in SA.

    If you've never been here, you MUST do it. The road is 100kph limit with big sweeping corners posted at 70-95kph. i.e no need to slow down. last time I was here I was on the Cb250 & was ringing it's neck trying to get it to even do 100. This time on the hornet I could have some more fun & enjoy the view. I didn't go too nuts because this was only my 3rd ever time on this road, but the sweeping corners plus no traffic (being 12pm on a weekday) meant I could just enjoy myself more & get to know the bike better. i know my ability is well below that of the bike at this stage so this road is a good road to ride & learn on. I;d like to say I was an angel but...100kph is a 'suggested' speed right?

    after that spirited trip i got to the T junction & took a right to Victor. By the time I got there i was FREEZING so stopped for a hot cup of tea & some hot lunch. The bike had a nice rest:


    then we headed back home the boring way, along victor harbor rd. basicly I was just tired of the cold by then & wanted to get in front of my heater! lol.

    My bike expectedly hit reserve on the way home, after 187kph, so I pulled in at Morphett Vale for some fuel. Apart from some lunatic in a cage doing 150kph because he didn't want to be passed by a bike, it was a nice trip home.

    I highly recommend this route to anyone who hasn't been here before. it's a great place to ride, the road is in great condition & because you can see all the way around corners it's really enjoyable.
  2. Nice write up edgelett.
    Yep it's got to be one of the best fast sweeping roads down south or south oz for that matter.
    Did the road on the weekend just gone. you can do what I do every now and then is to ride it from delamere to the "T" junction outside of victor, checking on the way for radars then turn around and head back doing those 95kph corners at a speed your bike would appreciate.
    The road from myponga to yank isn't bad either, long as you dont get stuck behind some cage on the way.
    Next time you're down that way for a ride give me a hoy, I'd love to go for a fang.