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[SA] - update on new bikie legislation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edgelett, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. for those who are following this
    the Commissioner of Police has lodged an application with the Attorney General to have the Finks made a 'declared organisation' under the new serious & organised crime act.

    THe AG must allow the public 28 days to make submissions & must consider all submissions before declaring the organisation. The 28 days start from when the day the AG advised the public via government gazette, which is likely to be on saturday.
  2. Could you PM me the source?
    I'm following this avidly.
  3. There will be a war, I reckon. Take cover edgie.
  4. Were there any Finks on the Toy Run this year?

    Do you think a run with 20,000+ Bikers counts under the Act?

  5. Ahhhhh now people see (some) of the potential issues,,,,,,,,
  6. I've seen a lone Gypsy Joker on the run, but I believe they tend not to wear their colours on an event like that.
  7. Some do wear colours, some don't. It varies from club to club and year by year. There were a couple of guys in colours at the Melb Toy Run this year (I didn't notice which club) but in previous years there's been some Hells Angels who have ridden in as a small group.
  8. I can't believe they're actually attempting this shit.
  9. I saw at least 3 Descendants and a couple of Angels at the oval.

    But they're not proscribed.

  10. Pardon my ignorance, but that's that mean?
  11. Proscribed?

    Outlawed, or as Wiki puts it "Proscription (Latin: proscriptio) is the public identification and official condemnation of enemies of the state."

    If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing then I'm fuggin' DEADLY :evil:
  12. cam, don't know where you were looking mate....
    I saw about 15 Gypsy Jokers all in their full colours.
  13. sorry for the late reply guys - christmas & all

    This is from the South Australian Government Gazette dated Thursday 16 December:

    And here is the exact link to the AG's website where you can view the Commissioner of Police's application to declare the organisation including the grounds for declaration:

    anyone wishing to make submissions should do so by letter
  14. I love some of the comments at the bottom of that news article.

    Its all gonna be interesting to see how it pans out though.
  15. I wonder, if a bikie gang formed a political party could they still be declared illegal?
  16. i guess we'll find out soon
    the Free Australia Party formed in SA recently and includes 'people affected by this new legislation'
  17. I suspect the finks are down playing, the police are overstating and the reality falls smack bang in the middle.
  18. UPDATE

    this is a copy & paste from the Hansard of 3 February 2009.
    it details the crimes the members have been charged with & also details that every single member of the club has been involved in serious crime.

    I'm providing this as information to everyone. i am not posting it because I have some kind of 'agenda' be it pro cops or pro OMGC. i'm pasting it cause it was in the Hansard.

    I have no doubt that some people will say 'well there you go they're crims' and some will say 'no, these are all baseless charges from years ago or with no evidence'

    i'm not here to get in to a debate about whether or not the Finks are a criminal gang. I'm simply copying and pasting from the Hansard.

  19. oops there's more in the Hansard...
    this is from Mike Atkinson, the Attorney-General
    note the very last paragraph.