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[SA] Transport - anal...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fred_kroft, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. What few broken lines there were on the Adelaide/Mannum road, have now
    been turned into double solid lines. The only place you can over take is
    Kerbrook turn off, the long straight section before Gumeracha, and a short
    section inbetween Birdwood and Gum. Even these sections have been
    shortened now.

  2. just overtake anyway, a double line isnt going to stop you just check for the fuzz first
  3. Im with you Fred this government have gone way over the top with their so called "road safety" whilst I agree with safety and its importance its like everything if you take it to the extreme it becomes stupid, just go for a ride in the hills these days with all the 60km & 80km limits its crazy and you see the good law abiding people sticking to these stupid limits causing all sorts of frustration to other road users to the point were people overtake them in dangerous places because the are so BLOODY slow.
  4. What went on in that meeting I wonder ??... Agenda: "To stop road deaths on the
    Gorge".. then somebody gets a brainstorm and pipes up: "I KNOW !!..." ... was Mick
    Rann or any Rotary members in there ?. Coz I need some of their drugs.

    Is it just me, or are people my age (30-40) coming a cropper more than the traditional
    teenage p-plater statistic ?. Whenever I read about somebody dieing it's a guy in their
    40's, 30's etc. For these people, could it be a lack of experience or ability ?. Maybe our
    fuel crissis is pushing older people on bikes that shouldn't/wouldn't normally be
    inclined too ?

    When I moved down here 3 years ago.. I hit the Hills roads and I thought "F___, I
    did a refresher !". However, when I rang Ridersafe, the instructor talked me
    out of doing the course, as he said that I wouldn't learn anything new.
    I have never done a Ridesafe course, but it sounds nothing like the formidable
    Northern Territory METAL courses. If they had some decent courses down here,
    I would be the first to apply. Hmm, maybe that might help prevent deaths ?

    and the floggings will continue until moral improves !

  5. Hi Fred I have a theory and it is based on the following two scenarios.
    1.Young person wants to ride bikes so goes and does the basic ridersafe course gets the "L" plate then goes out and buys a bike that isnt exactly ideal to learn on i.e. gets the fastest sporty bike they can possibly ride on "L-Plates" then promptly goes and fangs it through the hills with very little ability and even less fear and comes unstuck.
    2.Older person who rode bikes years ago and holds full bike licence decides they want to get back into biking and go out and buy the latest sports bike, they can probably ride ok but are rusty and the new bikes are just so much more powerful than the bikes they were riding ten or more years ago then they promtly go up the hills with the same result as scenario 1.
    The other thing i have noticed is the government and media when reporting the bike crashes tend to leave out certain facts and quite often (not always) there are very good reasons why crashes and fatalities occur and whilst it is sometimes speed related speed alone does not cause accidents and I still believe that lowering the speed limit on some roads actually makes them MORE DANGEROUS.
  6. I agree, lowering speed limits makes things dangerous, and piece that together with the fact that most people are driving or riding while looking at their speedo's because of all the speed camera's and the road is a very dangerous place.
  7. Actually the MRA are trying to get the govt to introduce a new "refresher course" specifically designed for older riders returning to the road.
  8. Hi Fred I replied to your message and just wanted to chck if you got it as it is in my out box not my sent box and Im not sure if I did it right
  9. I'm certainly familiar with the phenomenon of the 'frustrated law-abiding procession': you know, when some good and earnest soul sticks religiously to the speed limit through a looong section with no overtaking possibilities, and gathers a train of 5-10 fuming vehicles behind?

    Certainly the combination of lowering speed limits and reducing the number of overtaking areas is only going to exacerbate that.

    But I dunno... I'm endeavouring to have a more zen-like attitude to it all. I'm unlikely to get killed or injured in the slow procession (as long as some impatient a-hole doesn't take me out in his doomed effort to pass), so the greatest danger to my life and limb is in making my own doomed effort to pass...
  10. changing the lines in nothing, whats with the speed limit changes.
    All the away from Upper Sturt to Marion ( cant remember the road name i think is Old Shepards Hill Rd) is like 60 and some spots 80!!!!!!!
    Not happy, where can u rider now a days that isnt 80km/hr. I know u just go over it but its the principal!!! not happy
  11. ... and they're all travelling so close because they're PO'd at having to go slow, so there's no room to merge in and graduall overtake.

    Not easy to overtake 15 cars over lines rather than 1 or 2 :/
  12. Ah, ha. A moment of clarity. This is their end goal. But you can't blame the people trying to do the right thing. And it may not be that they don't want to speed - maybe they have no points left on their licence!
  13. Actually, you are probably at more risk than previously from either you or one of the other drivers zoning out in the slow procession, and clipping you, or running off the road, or whatever. Legislators need to think about what motivates people to concentrate on riding/driving.

    As a recently returned older rider, I know that after 3500Km on my bike, my skills have most improved from fanging it around twisty bits of road, not from the boring transit rides required to get to and from said twisties. Filtering and spiltting heavy traffic has also been educational. However, as an older guy I know to ride within my limits. The young don't always know that.

    I would note also, on a ride with a group last Sunday, after doing some exciting riding through Christmas Hills, Black and Reefton Spurs, we had a younger rider come off on a safe, smooth 200 degree curve at 60Km/h. It seems he lost concentration after the hard stuff, zoned out for a moment. Half way through the curve he stood it up then hit the brake when he hit the gravel. Probably broke his colarbone, and banged himself up a bit. (Maybe it was a delayed, remote action Lozing. I rode with Loz on Friday up the GOR. :grin: ) Anyway, my first group ride where there was a spill. Sobering.

    I think legislators have lost the plot. Our lives will be so over-legislated soon that we will die of boredom. :(
  14. I take the strategy of avoiding slow/congested roads (if that is possible).