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[SA]Traffic Police DO have a quota

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hamamatsu, Nov 2, 2010.

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  2. Re: Traffic Police DO have a quota

    They don't have quotas. They are called "Key Performance Indicators".
  3. Re: Traffic Police DO have a quota

    Call it what you like: KPI, Benchmark, Quota. It all amounts to the same thing.

    What is better Traffic Policing, catching 20 people for not indicating, or petty offences, or nabbing a dangerous drunk driver on a country road ?
    I guess that the police with an eye to promotion will try to rack up as many traffic offenders as possible.
    Motorcyclists are easy targets, look at how many get fined for having fender eliminators for example. It is like shooting ducks in a barrel, only we are the poor ducks !
  4. Re: Traffic Police DO have a quota

    Ham, Transformer used sarcasm.

    For once I agree with your sentiment.

    But what I find more disturbing about that report is that police have made claim that a focus on city areas has lead to an increase in fatalities in country areas. What study have they got that proves that the kind of things they would enforce are at the root of the fatalities?? Or is it just playing politics?
  5. the views of some police that: "A lot of crashes occur on non-major arterial highways."

    NO! You have got to be joking. Someone is going to get sacked for this.

    Yeh, the senior executive is paid to keep his mouth shut isn't he...
  6. Re: Traffic Police DO have a quota

    Yeah, and if you walk down the street with your dick hanging out you'll get a ticket for lewd behaviour, so keep it zipped. If you don't want to get booked for a non-compliant mudguard, don't cut it off, its not rocket science.

    The problem with bikes being picked on as easy targets is that some riders bring that on by having illegal mods, high speed splitting, wheelies, stoppies etc. Most people live in the cities, that's where the votes are, pollies react to public opinion and the average cager couldn't give a flying f..k about bikes and doesn't like being passed by someone they (rightly or wrongly) perceive as a dangerous dickh..d. So police resources get directed to the cities. Its not effective policing re. the road toll, but that's how it is.
    And no, I don't drive a beige Camry. I speed and split and generally have fun where I thinks its safe and not in an "in your face" way to other road users. I'm down a few points for speeding, but I haven't cut off my mudguard as it won't make my bike any faster or handle better, and as I ride in the wet and sometimes on dirt it actually keeps the mud off me.
  7. How does a rear hugger & a fender eliminator sound the mole?

    Illegal & keeps the mud off you!

    There's plenty of illegal cars out there too, but it takes a lot more effort to police that.

    Given the huge conflict of interest here, police officers should not have KPI, quota's, bonuses or any shit like that, & nor should revenue raised from speeding fines etc be budgeted for by the government.
  8. I totally agree that quotas, 1km over the limit=death and most of the other stuff mentioned on Netrider re. policing sucks. I deplore road users of any sort getting booked for mods that may actually increase safety just because they don't meet the fine print of an ADR. There are obviously some very real and serious issues out there.
    For me, one of those issues is NOT people making mods to suit some fashion and then moaning because they got booked.
    A fashion victim is a fashion victim, its self-inflicted.
    And yes, I've had fun modifying bikes and cars over the years.