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[SA] Toy Run Breakfast, Sun Dec 10th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: EACRUISER

    Breakfast at Scoozi's
    272 Rundle St
    Sunday 10th Dec
    from 9:00 am

    Come along and join us for Breakfast before the toy run

    If you haven't yet made it to a coffee night, or one of our rides.
    This is a perfect opportunity to finally "put a ...

    ... more

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  2. Decided to make it official Mark.
    Now that its on the calender as a Pre-ToyRun meet the guys who don't bother to read the forum may decide to join us for coffee as well.
  3. To be honest, I don't care about people who don't read the forum :grin: They can go look at someone else's cause they will probably be just as social in person as on NR. :LOL:
  4. Thats not very nice mate,

    There might be some girls who quickly only check the calender......

    Did you think about that :?: :?: :?: :?:

    Anyway, I will be making an apperance at breakfast and hopefully i will make it to the oval to take some photos of all the bikes.
  5. Girls... What are they? I seem to have misplaced my dictionary... If they are girls... Then, they have to be of a good standard if they expect to come to breakfast without reading the forums... :cool: :LOL:
  6. so apart from Tony & Myself, I guess no-one else is interested in breakfast before 9am??

    I can't make it to coffee so I can only chat about it here.

    I was thinking more like 8am-8:30

    anyone else keen?
  7. im in for breakfast..

    8-8:30 didint sound bad.. 9am. i guess is still ok. aslong as they dont take two hours to...

  8. Larry and I will just have the breakfast in Glenelg. Hopefully at the MRASA tent.
  9. I'll catch you guys there. :)

    ... At scoozi that is
  10. Scoozi doesn't open till 9:00am on a Sunday.
    But we've let them know to expect up to 40 people at 9:00am all wanting breakfast at once.
    They have informed the chef.
  11. who reckons it's going to rain ?
  12. You hoping for a free bike wash Jason? :LOL:

    I'll bring the shampoo :rofl:

    (sorry, but I'm old and feeble minded)
  13. What the heck is so funny? I wash my bike using shampoo. It actually works quite well. :LOL:
  14. I'll try to arrive quietly this time.

  15. Stookie and RC would definately be into that.

    I tell you what, they don't know how lucky they are not to have come over
    on a shitty weekend like this one. The weather was damn perfert last week.

    BTW, I have the flu at the moment, so I don't know if i want to come tomorrow.


  16. hope u guys enjoyed the breakfast.

    i went for a ride yesterday. and scored a nail in my back tyre. not a nice feeling getting all squiggly round a a corner!

    so bike is outt action for now.

    taking teh car to work till i can work out who is local to my area for me to get punture repaired / tyre replaced.
  17. There is a place on South Road, if you are city bound it is on your right hand side, the name of the place escapes me at the moment. But apparently they have good prices and quality workmanship :) Above my standards even hahaha. Might want to give them a go. Just lucky twas your back one and not the front :p The place has a checked flag painted over the building, you cant miss it, they have a big sign for MC Tyres out the front and a bunch of bikes on display. :)
  18. Great breakfast this morning guys and gals.

    26 bikes, about 34 people.

    Not bad for the first (annual) combined, ClubE/Netrider Toy Run breakfast.

    Same time next year, eh.
  19. Well I would have been there, but I have been crook, I was gunna tag along with Edglett and her man (cause my bike is still apart), but too sick. Been sick all week unfortunatly.

    Hope it was a good day to be had by all.
  20. Yes, hope you all had a wonderfull day.

    Apologies for not turning up myself, had a cracker of a night last night, and i was without a doubt in no condition for the Toyrun this morning.

    I felt fine albeit still a bit light.

    Hopefully there were pics taken by members of Club 'E' and Netrider that we will see in the not so distant future.