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[SA] Toy Run 2005 - 11th Dec (scooters)

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Greetings All,

    The Annual Toy Run has sneaked up on us. It is on THIS SUNDAY!!! I hope
    ALL of you can make it. They are expecting over 1200 two wheelers there.
    Fast, slow, vintage or 50cc, all welcome. I will be one of the marshalls
    and I will be on my 50cc Blaster, so I am expecting to see some of you
    scooter boys and girls there. Dave will be there with his 250cc scooter also.

    It starts at 11am from the end of Anzac Highway at Glenelg. There will be
    BBQ, entertainment and all sorts at the start. Seeing there's so many
    bikes, it will take a couple of hours to set them all off. So the earlier
    you get there the earlier you leave. The Harley Owners Club will be the
    first group to go, then follow by Motorcycle Riders Assoc (MRA). I strongly
    encourage we meet before hand and stick together and take advantage of our growing alliance with the MRA and sit in their 2nd spot. So by the time we get up to our final destination of Handorf Oval, we will be in the middle of the pack. :)

    The suggestion is to meet at McDonalds on the corner of Morphett Rd and Anzac Hwy at 9am for 9.15am departure to head to Glenelg. (I won't be at Maccas as I will be marshalling)

    Once you get down to Glenelg, aim for MRA and hopefully you will see me
    there or someone will come grab you and slot you in.

    At the Handorf Oval there will be a band, merry-go-round, blow-up castle and Santa. There will also be food and drinks available, motorcycle trade
    displays and stalls selling everything from T-Shirts to jewellery.

    Entry to the oval is a toy or gold coin donation. St Vincent de Paul will be
    collecting the toys for distribution to needy kids. Please bring a toy for
    teenage children, games, books, sporting goods etc.

    Yes your 50cc scooter will make it to the end, I went to Wellington at the
    River Murray for the Pink Ribbon Run, so you will be fine!! :)

    Please reply (name and scooter) if you do intend to come along so we can
    look out for you at Maccas or at the start.

    Anthony Chan.
    mobile: 0402-298-411
  2. if im sober enuff to be awake ill come down for a short squirt. but wont commit to such a lenghty ride stuck at 62km on flat ground...
  3. come and check out the start at least. This way you get to check out some bigger bikes and show off your scoot.
  4. Do any of you guys remember the web address for the dude doing the photos using a camera mounted on a boom across the road? my brain was a bit fuzzy from the heat and the crazy dickheads riding in blind spots and not indicating, etc. thanks.
  5. Yep, Camboom.com. The pics aren't up yet.