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SA to Melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by scandyflick, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Hello netriders.

    So next week, thanks to a bunch of days off and the offer of a place to crash, I've decided I'm going to ride into Melbourne and spend a couple days getting around, and you know, great excuse to hit the GoR.
    I'll be there from Tuesday arvo to Friday morning.
    Any particularly nice bits of road around that I should make the time to ride?
    I'll admit I've only been to Melbourne a handful of times, so I have no idea of what to do there.

  2. Hi sandyflick, I take it you are coming the coastal route and not via the Dukes Hwy or Stuart Hwy.. Through the Coorong and then GOR in Vic? What side of Melbourne are you heading for?

    Lots of rides I can suggest, mid week is good for the Black Spur, Reefton Spur, Eildon Jamieson Road. How far do you want to roam while you are here? The Whitfield run is a good one. The Noojee run.

    There are a lot of nice short runs up through the Dandenongs, guys from the Eastern side of Melb can probably suggest some of those. Enjoy your stay.
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  3. Yup, coastal it is. Gotta take the fun way. I'll be staying in Sunbury.

    Heard a lot about Black Spur, even over here in Adelaide, so I'll definitely have to check that out.
    Haven't really thought of how far I'll be ranging, this was a pretty spur of the moment decision. But basically, if it takes my interest, I'll be going for it.

    Excellent, cheers!
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  4. Ok once you are in to Melbourne the Outer RIng Road will pretty much take you to Sunbury, take the Airport turnoff and then veer right past the airport onto Sunbury rd.

    Over Sunbury way there is a road called the Wildwood which unfortunately has been restricted to 80k recently but still a fun little rd.
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  5. It's also well worth taking some detours off the GOR toward Forrest and Deans Marsh. Black Spur/Reefton loop should be nice and quiet midweek but chance of log trucks.
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  6. I'd stay clear of the Spur during weekends and long weekends...to dangerous (for your health and your licence).
    Closer to Melbourne you can do a good circuit of the mountains through Olinda-Monbulk-Emerald-Belgrave which has a nice mix of scenery and tends to be quiet.

    In Victoria be sure to watch your speed and road ahead as every dirty tactics from camouflaged police, unmarked cars and mobile radars are used actively.
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  7. Yeah, I noticed that when I was picking up a car last year. Speed cameras aren't exactly an endangered species here in Adelaide, but holy shit, they were fcuking everywhere in Vic.
  8. If your at Sunbury you are a hop and a skip away from mt macedon , just be aware it can snow and black ice on the roads .
  9. So I ran a little late with my departure. Ended up taking the inland route via Horsham with the goal of hitting the Grampians before I arrived.
    got to Horsham no stress at all, pull away from the pump and the front end starts feeling wobbly, I've suddenly lost all pressure in the front thanks to a failed valve core.
    So I ended up staying in Horsham for nearly 2 hours.
    Had to skip the Grampians. Would have been too dark by the time I got there. :(
    But I'm back in October for the GP, we'll do it then.
    It has been a good trip other than that, though. The little 500 isn't really geared for long distance touring, so it's using about 30% more fuel than normal. But other than that tyre issue, it has been a fantastic little tourer. Definitely adding heated grips to the list though.
    I'm not much of a photo person, but here's one before I set off. IMAG0753.
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  10. Sitting on high speeds with a full touring weight will add to your fuel usage. Try and stay in higher gears and short shift up when you are starting off to get to those higher gears earlier. Save your fuel for the fun bits ;) I guess you have made it to Melbourne then, pity the weather isn't to good today but Thursday looks good.
  11. True. And the poor little thing is cranking along at 5.5k...
    That's been the aim so far, cranking along n high gears as soon as I could.
    All the point to point cams on the SA side really harshed my mellow. 50 kays staring at the speedo.
    Victoria has so far been rather relaxed by comparison.
    Tomorrow is set to be the exploring day, so hopefully!
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  12. I was loaned a bike with heated grips and now I want them.

    The traffic on the GOR between Apollo Bay and Anglesea can ruin the road if you're travelling on a weekend. Try https://goo.gl/maps/tjY7K for the second half.
  13. So I think as far as riding is concerned, this road trip is pretty much a failure.
    After issues on the way in forcing me to skip the Grampians, and today a tyre that was considered unsafe ruling out a day of riding, and pushing my departure from 4am to 10am tomorrow, I'll also be missing out on the GOR.
    Not to mention the cracked tooth. You Victorians do cold so well I cracked a fcuking tooth...
    But hey, I'll be back in October, so I'll just have to make up for it then.
    But all in all, it's been a good trip. Even with the rotten luck.

    And yeah, attached picture, it doesn't look like much at all, but it's all the way down to the cords. IMAG0756.
  14. Bad luck, funnily enough on my last trip to SA, My rear tyre was looking pretty shaky coming home but stupidly I pushed on. It got to Yumali on the Dukes hwy before it went bang. I had to get the bike trailered back to Murray Bridge to get a new tyre :)

    October is better riding weather anyway, although today was a good one. Have a good trip back. If you haven't got a new tyre yet one of the members here MMMTS is a good source of tyres at good prices.
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  15. your not leaving without giving uncle greg a hug are you ?
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  16. Ha, it would seem so.

    As it is, I'm still waiting on my tyre. Just got told it "might" be here on the next run at midday. So I "might" be on the road by 1. So much for priority shipping. 9 fcuking hours behind schedule.
    Part of me just wants to run the gauntlet, see how far I can get on it, but in the 70 kays I did yesterday is damn near doubled in size. I know I won't get far.
    But I don't want to get some so fcuking late.
  17. Tyre has finally been replaced! Hooray! It was well stuffed. It was very nearly all the way through. Not sure if it was something I'd hit, or just a freak failure. I reckon I would have felt anything that went that far through.

    In any case, I've now got myself another night in Melbourne. So I can get ready for an early departure and head up the coast, on time, this time.
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  18. If you are going to do the GOR then early is best, before the tourist traffic starts.
  19. Yeah, I'm aiming to get into Adelaide mid-late arvo, so I'll be leaving at 4 I reckon.
  20. Safe trip. Post up again when you come back and you should be able to hook up with some of the Melbourne rides.
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