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[SA] The Pancake House 20/05/07

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 19, 2007.

  1. So people know as early as possible...
    Unless there are any MAJOR problems from the important people :p ... the general ideas seem to point towards

    OK all u kool kats 'n' dolls
    10:30 this sunday morning at the Pancake House
    And while we are eating we can then talk about where we would like to go for a ride
    Any idea people have for the ride, just toss them into the ring here now so it gives us something to think about over night.
    Now people should be fully awake of the bullshit roadworks going on up this end of hindley st at the meomeent so keep that in mind when considering where to park.
    Anyone know what tomorrows weather is going to be like?

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  3. Count me in :]

    seya guys tomorrow!!
  4. I may be there (with my gf so no bike) :)
  5. i came... i saw...

    and i left early!

    but a new nokia N70 is now in my hand :) so a good ride for me afterwards tho was dam cold in mesh jacket and gloves... winter gear is coming outta the cupbaord now.

    hope to partake in pancakes next time.

    hope u all enjoyed the meal and also the ride afterwards.
  6. Hey hope you guys had fun today :) I love that little pancake place, always seems to be open.. Cheers for thinkin bout heading to Victor and catching up while i'm down here Sherryn and others, woulda been good. But alas, smoking bike not a good sign :( Hope it's not too much trouble to get sorted. And Del, sweet phone, how'd u nab that? I got a K800i when they came out 3rd quarter last yr.. Bloody expensive but boy 3mpx with awesome flash on a drunken nite is priceless :grin: :LOL: hehe
  7. smoking bike??? who's???

    got the music edition n70 1 gig memory card. and all teh accessories. some odl dude was given it by his son when his phoen broke. but it was tooo technical so i nabbed it for 300$!!!

    in his words " all i want is a phone that makes calls"

    so SCORE!!!!! my 6230 is playing up so.. time for upgrade :D
  8. That's cos it's open 24x7 ;)

    pancakes and company were both good .. biatch of a time getting there tho. We turned right at "no right turn" and snuck past the traffic dude, 3 point turn over double centres, reversed about 5 metres on the wrong side of the road to get the last spot before king william st. Bought a ticket though so we were the only car that wasn't fined *laugh* .. irony's funny :D
  9. Yeh, always seem to end up there at the end of the nite when the sun starts to come up :grin: Just got up to Adel 10mins ago.. Hit a fkn wheely bin in Hayborough :LOL: :mad: Bit tired to be drftin me thinks tonite.. Oh and Red.hot said her bike was smoking at the lights. Could be something to do with having the throttle wide open and the front brake on perhaps :twisted: :wink:
  10. lol, hope its something like that.. and not engine problems.

    mine tends to smoke a little when low on oil, when im hard on/off the throttle. usually chasing mark and rob, tim vfraffair has noticed it.
  11. at initial inspection it appeared to be a leaking gasket on the LHS bototm end cover thingy. But unsure if its the total cause or not. Would need good bike mechanic to detrmine if this is the real problem of the oil leek onto the engine and therfore the smoke.

    Fingers crossed 4 u red.hot
  12. So is the pancake joint licensed? and if so is it 24/7 licensed
  13. It's open and licensed 24/7.
  14. You own the joint or something? Being as this is your first post it leads that impression... Stop advertising. :p Or otherwsie, welcome :)
  15. Actually, it was a little high on oil. Too much around, another leak in one of the gaskets. It's having a little bit of an identity crisis I think. Nothing mechanic rehab won't fix though.
    My heroes/physicians at YW are fixing it up as we speak and said they'll make sure to get every last leak this time. :) Should be dried out when I get it back. :grin:
  16. All sweet then.. Hopefully the weather holds up this weekend! I really need to get back out on the bike!
  17. Who cares Sketchie, the point is it's licensed which means I can go there :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Nah, it's nothing to do with me. I was in there on Sunday morning tho, where were you guys sitting?
  19. we were in the hidden room ;) the room with the corner tables near the bathrooms (into the first room on the left and keep going through towards the bathrooms)

    my gf and I were in the very back room for a while though - there were two groups of people in there. place was pretty busy too. where were you?
  20. i was the dude in bike jacket and long red hair walked thru twice. before finding the crew. i didint know bout the secret room either...

    was a half dozen of us when i left..