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[SA] THE MRA SA Toyrun 2007 Sunday Dec 9th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Dire, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. I heard about this on the radio a few days ago. The Melbourne toyrun seems to be advertised on these forums but not our Adelaide one :( I'm not associated with the MRA so I dont have any further details other than the link above, but I thought I'd let others know here who might be interested.

    Edit: netrider wont let me post links until I have 5 posts, so copy and paste the following into google and you'll get to the right page:

  2. Yup, happens every year. over 13,000 bikes last time I went. Leaves from Glenelg at 11am Sun 9th Dec.

    Bring a toy to donate!
  3. Biggest Toyrun in Oz:)
  4. Just got back.
    Yep was huge.
    25,000 people.
  5. 20,000 bikes according to The Advertiser. :LOL:

    But they're wrong about most things . . . :roll:
  6. Hey guys,
    Was my first time on the toyrun and the first decent ride I've had on the new Superduke. I must say it was fantastic to be a part of it and I've never seen so many bikes in once place! Felt pretty priveleged to be a part of such a great event with so many fellow riders.
    And some of those little tackers just about yank you off the bike when you're giving them high fives along the side of the road!

    Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed it and see you there next year for sure!

  7. Any news on that rider who stacked it on the freeway? Silver VTR? Happened before the run began apparntly.
  8. How's your head Coopz, as sunburnt as mine?
  9. Bit red:(
    Stupid hat, stoopid me:p
  10. According to another forum:

    .. the dude that ate it on the freeway was apparently coming down .. happened about 10.15. And ended up on the down track. We took him to RAH with a broken arm and abdo pains .. hopefully should be ok.

    (oh dont think you know .. I work for the ambulance service in their communications .. and was takiing calls today for the accident)

  11. Thanks for the update resurrection. All they said on the news was a replay of the Toy Run Marshall telling the riders that he'd " . . .got speed wobbles and highsided . . ."
  12. Man... on a straight(ish) road... maybe something on the bike broke...
    Glad it's not that serious.
  13. hey,
    hope the dude is ok, looked bad when i went past.

    first time i have been involved and loved every moment! fantastic! look forward to doing it next year with my bigger bike!!! 129 days to go!

    Any one got any pics?

  14. [​IMG][/url]


  15. Hey, you got me in that second pic! :LOL:

    I'm right in the middle, had my silly helmet cover, horned helmet hanging under my arm :grin:
  16. Haha! you got me and my mate in that first pic at the oval too! Down in the bottom right corner with bugger all hair lol!

    Excellent pics easyrollin, have been searching for some ever since it finished!

  17. Anotheree
    I don't know who the guy on the hog was, but he couldn't get the farker up on it's wheels again without 3 or 4 others helping..
  18. Hey that's me riding past him! :p
  19. Laughing?
  20. Cringing actually, regardless of the fact that the only Harley I like is the vrod, that's an expensive little slip he made there.