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[SA] sunday ride .. pretty much now ;)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. anyone else in Adelaide up for a quick Sunday morning ride? :)

    PM me by 11am (or, depending on if this doesn't break the rules which I don't have time to double check, SMS me on 0412 519 771) :)
  2. Yet again I've missed you by half an hour... darn the sleep ins.
  3. *laugh* bugger :)

    its ok - you didn't miss much .. rained on me for about 1.5 hrs of my 2 hr ride so I cut it short :)
  4. Missed you Emsie.

    I'm riding around with my two new "L" plate mates at the moment, Alex and Tom - they're both keen as mustard, so I'm doing a bit of mentoring - just keeping an eye on them as we ride through the hills. Alex is on an SZR660, Tom on a GS500.

    Alex and I took off around noon today. It looked good, didn't it? Sunny out here at the Grove, drizzling part way up the hill to our meeting point at the Scenic Hotel, Norton Summit. In fact, powering out of the legendary hairpin just before the Summit, I got a big slide going. Must remember to slow down in drizzle!

    Met at the Summit, took off towards Ashton, thinking of doing the run to Lobethal or maybe down Marble Hill Road. It was raining steadily before we even got to Ashton. We had a talk and decided to turn back. Alex is riding exceptionally well considering he's only been on the SZR a few weeks, but we didn't feel like it was worth pushing things too hard just for the sake of being hard arses.

    I must watch the forums more closely and maybe we'll hook up sometime for a ride. Keep half an eye out for an old git paddling around on a silver and black ZZR600 and say hi some time.


  5. *laugh* yeah it did look like it was gonna be a fantastic day for a ride and I guess it still was .. just for a shorter ride than intended ;) Today was my first ride off the ridersafe range in the rain - was a fair bit less stressful than I imagined but also much colder and more draining with all that paying attention :)

    Everyone feel free to take my number down and give me a buzz if you're feeling like a ride - if I'm not on call, I'll definitely consider a ride :) I'm big on impromptu rides so keep an eye out for them *laugh*
  6. I would have liked to go with you! It looked like a beaut day for about half an hour.

    But, big woos that I am, the wet stuff is a bit scary. And cold too.

    So to qoute OB:
    I must watch the forums more closely and maybe we'll hook up sometime for a ride. Keep half an eye out for an ancient git paddling around on a white connie and say hi some time. :wink:
  7. i think i should be watching this section instead of where i have been watching for rides in sa as have only had Ls for a few weeks and need the guidance
  8. Good point roby02.

    There is VIC & NSW ride sections. Why can't there be a SA ride section?

    Dunno, but it must be something our esteemed forum managers could organise. :)
  9. there is, you're living in an "other state" - https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewforum.php?f=44
  10. true but not a lot seems to happen have met some of the others at the cafe but havent heard of any rides for newbies and then when they are advertised there over or such short notice that you miss out and it looks like most of the tutors montors are in the eastern states not complaining i like the site and people here
  11. Nah, that wouldn't be right. We live in SA.

    The rest of youse live in "other states". :)
  12. couldnt have put it better my self :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  13. The more rides you guys start doing, the more posts that end up being for SA in there, the more cluttered it gets, the better chance you have of getting your own section ;)

    quite simple really :)
  14. I wandered through the instructions for the rides categories and vaguely remember something about impromptu rides belonging in "general discussion", hence why I put it here. I was of the understanding the "other states" category was for planned/organised/scheduled rides, of which an impromptu ride isn't. Was just aiming for somewhere that it wouldn't be pulled down for being in the wrong spot and that was just what I remember reading in the destructions.

    Try using "posts since I was last here" and you'll see threads like this one without any hassles, no matter where it actually belongs :)
  15. thanks emsie