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SA: Stolen skyline

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Last night my brother's grey skyline was stolen from my parent's front lawn.
    it happened some time between 11:30pm on the 7th and 5am on the 8th of Feb.
    It's a grey R32 skyline, licence no BB 865 Y
    He just bought this car a few weeks ago and unfortunately the insurance company won't pay him the value he paid for the car, so we really want to try to recover the vehicle.

    It was stolen from the corner of Reservoir Drive & Black Road, Flagstaff Hill.
    Hopefully some of you live in that area/have friends in that area & may have some knowledge of where it is.
    Obviously we've contacted the police, however if you can keep an eye out that would be great. It's possible the car may be destined for interstate sale..you never know with stolen cars.

    The car is identifiable by a missing spoiler from the boot and it's GT bonnet . My brother & dad are heading to Victoria today to race karts & therefore can't search for the car this weekend. Needless to say, the loss of my brother's pride & joy has left him rather distressed.

    I appreciate your help in trying to find this car.

  2. Good luck with that mate. I love th skylines and always wanted one, so I can imagine how your brother must be feeling.

    I don't know what its like down there in Adelaide, but in Sydney theres practically no hope. I have a mate who had his S15 200SX stolen. The police told him that if it was a crappy sh*tbox, maybe someone just took it for a joyride and dumped it, but with a jap sports car, it is almost always done by proffessionals and sold off as parts.

    Hopefully mate it is just a couple of d*ck headed teens or something and they'll find it, fingers crossed [-o<
  3. bumping this with more info:
    apparently there was a witness who saw it happening at 4am on the morning of the 8th (thursday).
    they saw a white "truck/ute" parked in reservoir drive, flagstaff hill, with the skyline behind it.

    any info anyone has will be great

    my brother really needs this car back otherwise he basicly loses $6000 (he took out a loan to buy this car too so will be paying for a car he doesn't have)