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(SA): Stolen CBR250R Metallic Purple Damaged

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by benjiaka, May 25, 2008.

  1. Okay guys, i crashed my bike 21st May 2008, At a corner midway between crafers and Corromandal Valley in South Australia. All that was left was a side fairing at the scene. I left the bike across the road, at an emergency entry to a park reserve. The bike was tucked away from viewing, but must have been seen to be pinched. There was a Tooheys New Can near were it was last seen. Fresh from last night. Below i have pictures of the bike, and were it was previously. it is a Metallic purple CBR250R 1989 Import, was damaged on the left hand side completely. Not ridable at all.

    Engine number: MC14E1056560
    PLATES: YYX921


    Thats my old man on my bike.

    It has now been reported stolen. Please if you have any information or know anything, please let me know, its the only thing i had. And just like to thank Rex1 for coming out. Cheers mate.

    {Mod: All caps title modified... Dundoitaggen!}
  2. I'm not even going to ask why you left it there...
  3. Because it was crashed and un-ride able.....

    Dude bad luck thou. Hopefully you'll get it back.
  4. tow truck perhaps? :roll:
  5. Scour bikes for sale on the internet. You'd be an idiot to sell it straight away but a family friend was reunited with their beloved almost 18 months after it was taken. They changed a 0 to a Q on the VIN number. (The poor guy selling it on the net bought it from another guy, so he was left out of pocket). Just remember if you see it anywhere call the cops before you do anything.

    Good luck mate.
  6. gooddamn bike thieves hope you find your bike asap
  7. Another one... :shock:

    very sorry to hear :cry:
  8. probably because he was in an ambulance
  9. Oh sorry - point me to the ambulance part..

    either way he left it over night and could have easily organised a tow that same day - either himself or someone elese.
  10. and you know this how?? :?
    way to to rub it in mate.. :mad:
  11. If a tree falls in the forrest and nobody is around to hear it.. yadda yadda..

    sorry to hear, hope you find your bike.
  12. that suck's mate, hope you retrieve it.
  13. sorry to hear about that mate.. hope you are reunited with your bike, and the theifs.. well hope they get into one of their scum fights and dies
  14. I'm happy to be called an idiot on this one if i'm the only person who picked up that this could have been completely avoided. I'm sorry for the OP, but he's at least learnt a cruel but valuable lesson - i hope!

  15. sure, it wasn't mentioned in this post, but he did post it on another forum:

  16. in that case my sincere apologies for being a d**k :wink:
  17. You cant just change a number like 0 to a Q without throwing off the whole model and type of bike and changing it to a Honda nothing.

    The 0 would be part of the serial number which cant be a letter, and if you chage a letter you might turn the bike from a 99 model to a 1985 bike or a 1000cc bike to a 125 cc, sorry doesnt work that way

    Maybe someone thought it was a dumped bike if it was a write off in the bush, check local wreckers