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[SA] Spontanious Late Night Ride

Discussion in 'Other States' started by 92_Ducati_900_SS, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Its thurs night and feel in the move for just a casual go anywhere go nowhere cruise. Anyone else in the mood?

    Mind you this could be any night during the week.

    Just feel like getting on the bike for a hour or two or three...who knows...who cares... not too far, not too fast, not too stupid. Just in a cruisy relaxed mood tongiht...

    So any other riding night outs out there?

    Meeting @ BP West Terrace
    10:30 for 10:45 ride. :)

  2. Sorry mate, I am usually up for anything (on a bike). But with an indicator out and a chunk of metal in my back tire (see thread in maintenance), tonight is probably not a good night for it :(
    Another night definitely!
  3. Awwww thats no good. Yeah i understand how worrying that can be. No idea when that could give way on ya. What happened to the indicator?
  4. Just out. I guess the globe has gone. Maybe I can now get to the bottom of my epilepsy inducing E-cators. Try to slow them down a bit.
  5. errr when are you thinking about this ride? you have not posted a time, so by rights i should be removing this thread... but im interested lol
  6. Im assuming by that comment you mean they are flashing fast.
    Yes that usualy means one of the globes is out. I think slow flashing means the flasher unit is gone.
    One possibility is that the globe is ok but it may have a bad earth.

    dunno give em a look
  7. ride time... helllooooo?
  8. Ride time dunno cos it seems pretty wet out there.

    Waiting for Chinese take away to be delivered so i can eat.

    Why...whats your thoughts on this oh great and wise sketche?

    i hear its wet in town too.
  9. I dun care as long as it is not "currently" raining lol I said to the missus i would not go out if it was raining, but if it has stopped thats fine :p
  10. Better stop this msg volley and go to MSN mode before we upset people and we get our little south aussie butts spanked for being norti.
  11. Was talking to Carolyn about that the other day and she said Tim told her that your blinkers usually go faster when one's out and it's to tell you one's out (ie that the circuit's broken) or something :) You should just need a newie for the dead one and you'll be set :)

    Bugger about the tyre too - you're not having a good run are you? *laugh*
  12. Ah it is a trick, cause when one of my blinkers is cooked, they stay solid when i put them on. they dont blink super fast (i think that is for cars) hehe
  13. Anyways I will see whoever comes at 10:30... so far it is just me and Duckman. Any takers?
  14. Quack Quack

    Im gunna fill up wth BP ultimate when we meet.
  15. Same, I accidently put regular in her last week... I nearly died.
  16. no chance of me coming..

    almost finished a bottle of red off.. so not in riding mind set.

    enjoy it fellas :D
  17. thats cool

    setting a good example to the younger riders, good to see you playing it safe.
  18. *cough cough* "insert witty comment here" *cough*
  19. Did you forget to mention Where Gonzo???

    West Tce BP...

    Im off now...see ya out there.
  20. sketchie.. u dont have any wit.. to insert...

    so lets hope u know how to ride...

    got the trainer wheels still on the vespa??
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Not open for further replies.