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SA Speeding Fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Hello All

    Last Saturday night, I think I got done by a speed trap (white van, tinted windows).
    It was located in the most F*@&*&$^ ridulous spot on a desolate strip of the

    It was an 80 k zone, and I must have been doing 120 while gassing up the
    gears out of a twist. As soon as I saw it, I stabbed the brakes.. and I think I
    got it down to 100.

    I went on the net a few days later to find out the fines and laws on speeding
    in SA. I can't find anything. I went on the www.transport.sa.gov.au page and
    there is SFA.

    I was wondering if anybody here knows whether or not I have a licence now ?

    I know in the NT, that you automatically lose your licence when 45kmh over the

    I hope the camera was facing the other way. Phuck sake ;(

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  3. dunno what the laws are in SA. In VIC you loose the licence when 20 (or 25) over the limit. :shock:

    FFS, that's just stupid especially comming back from Germany (and seeing how COMPETENT drivers drive).

    Speed DOES NOT KILL (within reason, 150 in a builtup area is quite dangerous) rather the typical Aussie "La-di-da" attitude behind the wheel does. ("I don't need to look around me. I'll just look straight ahead and screw whatever is to the left, right or behind me)

    We Aussie drivers are mostly poorly trained (how many people get their licence out of a cornflakes packet) drivers with a dangerous attitude ("it's MY LANE and I'm not moving for ANYONE)

    :p better logoff now otherwise I'll just rant and rave about this all week long!
    8) 8) 8) 8)
  4. 25kph - 34kph = One month suspension
    35kph - 44kph = Six months suspension
    45kph or more = 12 months suspension
    In a 110kph zone by 20kph, but less than 25kph = One month suspension
  5. dun matter SA Law still requires the speed camera white board be placed in clear site up to 200m from the speed camera. This sign at night can't be missed.
    Also there not allowed to place speed camera's around chain of ponds, police hand held radar units are allowable also on certain sections but police cars are allowed everywhere.
    In SA also its 40kph and over loss of licence, the Fed Gov and the Vic Gov is pressuring South Aus to reduce this speed.
  6. The funny thing about travelling to SA along the Western is when you cross the border,the road surface gets crap yet the speed limit goes up to 110 from 100! :roll: :D LOL! Goddamn Vic Government. :evil:
  7. Got nailed by a fixed speed camera in Adelaide about 15 months ago (Vic car licence). Got the fine but not the demerit point. :shock:
  8. Depending on how much of a fine/suspension you're facing, consider contesting the charge.

    The system simply can't prosecute everyone who gets pinged by a speed camera and it relies on people putting up their hand and copping it sweet.

    Worst case scenario is that you will have to pay court cost and the fine/suspension.

    Best case is that it will get lost in the system and you get off. Its happened to me more than once. :D

    Not that I'm advocating anarchy or anything!

  9. road surface does get crap, the SA side is shocking but they aint got the money to fix the 30km section. Anyway my point i wished to raise was the speed limit does not change to 110 at the border and has not now for shyte at least 12+months :)
  10. Well,i havent been up to,or past my old mans in Horsham for,shite 16 months now. :LOL: I havent spoken to him for a while either,otherwise i would've heard him biatch about seeing as he drives interstate. :LOL: :p
  11. NSW sux for fines at 45kms and over its like 6 months suspenion and they can also cancle your rego+ you get somthing like a $2000 min fine i think just had a mate go threw the same thing hey?
    good luck with it dude
  12. speed limits suck. school zones should have speed limits multiplied - to scare the kids off the road.
    roll call would get shorter every day too, which means the survivors learn more.

    I am teh king. Hazzah
  13. Thanks for replies fellas ;)
    I'll see if there is a bluey in the mail.

    hehe ;).. too true ;)


    When I was living in Germany a bloke was caught (in a 911) doing 200kmh in a 130 zone. Added to that he was reading the newspaper sprawled out across the steeringwheel. :shock:

    Lost his licence for 1 month, but got a 1000EURO fine! :LOL:

    Think about that one for a while!!!!

    Just a little different I guess. We seem to be one of the strictest countries in the world for speeding. :roll: