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[SA] Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Owen, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, pretty sure i got tagged by a camera last night on my new speed triple (still a bit throttle happy) but im not sure how was i was going, it was a 60 zone and i think i was going about 80-90 but im worried that it may have been 45 over the limit (105km) because of how easily this bike goes fast. I dont actually know because i turned around when i saw the flash, then looked back and was doing about 80. I know 45 over is instant disqualification so im wondering if it is common for people to lose there licence via a speed camera due to excessive speed? Is it easy to dispute? Anything to help me, as losing my licence would kill me.

  2. Sure you can contest it... on what grounds though?

    If it was sign-posted: this is an expensive lesson to be observant.

    If it wasn't signposted: it is the product of tyrranical legislation; practically beyond question, and propped up by a legal system through which fair and reasonable judgement is financially inaccessible to common people.
    - return to the scene of the crime with spray-paint/dynamite.
  3. When (or even if) the fine arrives in the mail you can request the actual photo of the alleged offence and you can then judge for yourself whether it is worth contesting it or not.

    Don't sweat it until you hear something though, somebody else may have triggered the camera when you were nearby in which case you will hear nothing....I've had that happen to me a number of times now when I thought I had been clearly busted.

    Good luck.
  4. I'd wait and see if something arrives in the post. They don't ALWAYS provide a readable image. I've certainly been flashed in the past by the mobile cameras and waited with bated breath to get something in my letter box only to find nothing ever arrived.

    If you DO get a fine, and you have a good driving record with no tickets within the last 2(?) years, you can ask for it to be changed to a warning - you have to admit to speeding, but if you have a clean record they can - if you write a nice enough letter - drop the fine and demerit points. But good luck with that!
  5. It WASNT sign posted. But i dont know if that helps me at all. I just hate waiting, makes me feel sick that i may have lost my licence. Riding is my life. And its not like i was TRYING to speed, i was just CASUALLY speeding. lol
  6. Is there anyway to get the fine quicker? Like if i said "i think i may have got a fine but im going out bush for 2 months now, can you please check if i have any fines?" would they be able to do that?

  8. Actually never mind what I said - I don't know if the same applies in SA as it does in VIC.

    For what it's worth - here you can certainly ring the dept and you can find out about any infringements in your name - but I would assume there is a processing delay before it even gets to them.
  9. Unfortunately they have that covered.
    Not sign posted = 50kmhr
  10. Oh i mean the speed camera was not sign posted. The speed limit was 60.
  11. what if you were to suspend your number plate from small chains at the back so it was loose and when u were moving the wind would tilt it enough to not be seen by a camera... :grin: just a thought...
  12. Yeah or get a flip or ghost plate....too bad its a criminal offence :(
  13. How about don't speed. Just a thought :wink:
  14. yeh i thought it might be illegal, good idea not to speed though :p
  15. Another invention that I have seen from the UK is a slave flash mounted in the LED section of your licence plate holder.

    This only works at night, but triggers a blinding flash when another is detected going off.

    It is rapid enough to obscure the plate.

    Very hard to detect as it replaces your normal LED bulb, and the sensor looks like a reflector.
  16. crap mate that's terrible!
    i told you it was a quick bike.

    was it a red light speed camera or a side of the road speed camera?

    Reason I ask is my boyfriend got done through a red light camera near our house - he was about 25kms over the limit.


    As he had no front numberplate, he never got the fine :grin:

    I DO know that you can request the photo in SA too though.
    don't spose there were other vehicles near you when the flash went off?
  17. Hehe yeah Edgelett, that bike is a beast, it wasnt even me that was speeding, it was the bike! lol
    it was a camera mounted car on the side of the road, and i was the only car on the road, hence why i was going a little fast.

    I dont care so much about the fine, i just really hope i was 45 over, from the sound of the engine i remember i dont think i was up as high as 100 but im still paranoid!

    Its going to be a painful few weeks waiting to see what happens...
  18. I cant! Its a SPEED triple! Im prettu sure they overheat or something if they are ridden under 100kmhr :grin:
  19. sorry hear that mate but speed cameras suck. They dont save lives. The government are money hungry bastards that are too lazy to actually go out there and do their job.
  20. Unlike NSW I don't believe they have to be sign-posted before the camera in SA. Only after. That's how it was 2 years ago when I used to live there.