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[SA] **SOLD** Black VTR 250 - 2007 - 6xxx km's.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Liq, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    ACTUAL photo coming up soon, but this exactly how the bike appears,
    it is the same bike in every detail/appearance.


    Sale Info :
    I bought it for $6.6k.

    It was originally purchased new and seviced by Peter Stevens Adelaide,
    traded in at 4500 km(ish), and bought secondhand by myself.
    I considered this good value given the full service history, mandatory
    dealer warranty, still under factory warranty, rego with the bike,
    deals on gear and the fact they did the 5k service a little early for me.

    Bike info :
    2007 Honda VTR 250. 6,xxx KM only.
    Flawless. No dents, scratches, etc.
    V-twin engine. Learner Legal.
    First two services done. Next service not due for ages!
    Never dropped.

    Reason for sale :
    Well, I've had this beast since Thu Apr 09, 2009.
    Roughly 83 days old. 2,010 hours old. 7,236,914 seconds old.
    Holy crap, it feels like years already.
    I've been on quite a few rides with great people and learned a lot.

    Halfway through my LAMS period, and thinking hell, variety is the
    spice of life. Loving my VTR 250, but would also love to look back and
    say I used to have a Ninja, and a Gs, and a CB, and a XVS, etc :p

    That said, my car is in desperate need of attention. I might just pimp
    hat out and save for the rest of my LAMS period for my next bike instead.

    A mate of mine at work, has been through them all. Ninja, cruiser,
    SXR, ER6N, and just bought himself a VTR 250 because in his opinion,
    it's the best all-round bike. PERFECT for commuting, and I agree.
    Sadly, I still have to let this go, though it may be the biggest regret of my life.

    Modifications :

    Black reflective vinyl on frame, fork, mudguard and guage pod.
    ----Literally impossible for me to see in daylight, and I put it on!
    ----Reflects *bright* white light back at night from side-on.
    ----I can remove if you like.

    Drilled baffle in exhaust. 4x holes in factory pre drilled locations.
    ----Louder idle. Mean exhaust note. Heads now turn as I approach.
    ----EASILY resealed with garden variety self-tapping bolt in 1 minute.
    ----No tools required (aside from screwdriver).
    ----Looks 100% factory, no mods to muffler.

    Installed Green LED kit.
    ----Kit only connects to power/ground. I.e No wires anywhere cut.
    ----Strips installed with adhesive. No cutting/mounting anywhere.
    ----Remote control activated. No switches to mount, wires to run.
    ----No lights directly visible, as per law in various states.
    ----Easily removed in less than one minute.


    I may also consider letting go my riding gear for a cost.
    I have a few good full face helmets, gloves, dririder jacket/pants etc.
    Probably get rid of the jacket, helmet and gloves for about $500.

  2. awesome deal....
  3. was a better deal earlier.
  4. Busted lol.

    I *did* add offers considered guys :p
    Ah stuff it : Back down to $5,500 it is :p

    3/07 : updated sale post.
  5. Bike now with 3 months rego
  6. biggest regret of your life will not be letting the VTR go. i promise you.

    it will be replacing it with a car instead of another bike.

    also, going by my calculations, the next service is due in 4-8 weeks, 6k km shouldnt take long :p

    great price for an almost new, barely broken in VTR. its black too :cool:
    dunno bout the LED crap though :p :p
  7. i ALREADY have a car lol, and I will be replacing the vtr when my arm heals (long story)
  8. Bike gets advertised elsewhere on friday and traditionally, that means about 3 days till it sells for a vtr in SA. Get on it netriders.
  9. there's the source of the problem...

    KILL IT!!!! :evil:
  10. I would if it didnt run 220rwkw...on it's low boost setting. Now stfu lol.
  11. Quick sale price only. {Final warning Liq on advertising external auction sites. you know better.}
  12. if you were in Melbourne I would be all over it like a nasty rash!
  13. Well quote up transport costs. I'd ride it over if the arm wasnt broke hehe
  14. Sold. Wow, 9 calls in 2 days after selling lol.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.