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[SA] SAMRATS do Mannum, Sun May 21st

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: resurrection

    Sunday, 21 May 2006
    Riders to gather at the BP petrol station, West Tce 8.30 - 9.00am for coffee & munchies.
    The ride departs at 10.00 am sharp.
    Lunch will be at the ferries carpark.

    Route: Via North East Road, Inglewood, Gumerac...

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  2. If I feel comfortable going up through the hills by that stage (cause I am a road bike newbie) I will come along... If learners are welcome :) I know some of you guys don't like em so I wont if you wanna do your stuff. Let me know what you are laying down. I would say I fit into class 2 so I should be alright, I would think so anyway since I have been riding bikes for a few years now... but only dirtbikes :( Waited way too long for a roady.
  3. SAMRATS is all about ALL riders - you are absolutely welcome to come along. Already there are a number of L riders. Look for a stubble headed guy (hmmm, maybe that should read very short haired :LOL: ) riding a red VFR750 and say g'day. :grin:

    Also I've noticed a couple of other newbies from Adelaide - "EA cruiser" and "charger" and I think they are from the NE area. When you have enough posts up (I think it's only 5) you'll be able to PM them to arrange a ride :grin:
  4. I'll hopefully have my new bike then. I won't ride all the way into town though, i'll
    probably tack on at Birdwood this time around (as I live there).

    sketchie-- these SAMRAT rides have a spectrum of riders... so it's something for
    everybody. Come along, and ride to a level that you feel comfortable with... and
    just enjoy the ride. There will be an arse-end bob to make sure you are not left behind.

    I hope to see you there ;)

  5. WeeEEeee well if that is the case... I will see you on the 21st. :grin: I live in the NE area well my name says it all! HAHA Was thinking about coming back here today to find someone to ride with, but didnt think anyone would since it was raining. :evil:

    See you guys on the black stuff.
  6. So Fred, if you get your new bike what should I be looking out for?
  7. anything V-twin, ~1000cc, cafe/naked is up for grabs, but i'm swinging towards
    a KTM's superduke-- http://www.ktm.com.au/bike.php?bike=55

    If it would only stop rainning for 1 day !


  8. Wow! I reckon I'll be able to pick you out in a crowd. That is one nice machine! :grin:
    Who'd be the dealer for KTM?
  9. GP motorcycles Morphettvale in sell them, as well as Kessners in Klemzig.
    I'll be going to GP motorcycles. They sound pretty keen.

  10. sounds good, hopefully we get some nice weather
  11. I will be there?
    But it all depends on how long it takes me to rebuild the 250 motor.
    It took me 4weeks afterwork to rebuild the 650 and clean it's ports up.

    Have to start pulling it apart tonight i guess.

    Sketchie i will send you a PM once i get my bike on the road again.
  12. if it's not HAILING like it was all day sunday at our place, we should be there.

    sketchie, I've been on a few SAMRATS rides on the CB250, all times I still had my L plates. I was never once left behind, or felt like I wasn't welcome.

    Though I have to say i'm going to enjoy doing this ride now my L plates have been burnt!
  13. Well unfortunatly my L plates have to stay on :cry: well for a little while longer... When I can get around to going down and paying for the stage 2 course, and booking it in then waiting the 3 months to actually do it... I will have them gone... Stage 2 looks like a piece of cake...

    Would be good if you guys PM'ed me for a ride sometime, it gets quite lonley lurking the streets on my own sometimes :(
  14. Soooo guys, the countdown is on... Do we have a guestimate of how many riders will be attending the Mannum run yet? Or are you just waiting to see who turns up? :LOL:
  15. Well sketchie m'boy, gazing in my crystal ball tells me that there will be showers next Sunday, so you should expect 53 bikes. :grin:

  16. 53... Damn, well then... If that is the case lets give ourselves a name and we will be the biggest bike gang in Adelaide HAHAHA im so ummm i would say funny, but im actually tired...

    Can't wait! My first decent ride, that well kinda has a purpose. :p All my other rides are just usually roaming the streets with no actual purpose... A lot of the time I find myself riding into the city to get Mc D's when in reality there is one about 5 minutes away LOL

    Will sound nice with all the bikes riding together... Ooooo I should tape it :LOL:
  17. I'd love to tag along but unfortunately Ill more than likely be too hung over and still dressed as Gene Simmons from my friends 21st on Saturday night. Maybe next time.....
  18. a c'mon bass_player... skip the 21st... haha Just kidding... well maybe see you next time... Sunday is getting close by the second :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Damn,,sounds good,,pity looks like brass monkey weather :roll:
  20. Hi Sketch