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[SA] Roadcraft Course at The Garage

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by edgelett, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Well, Saturday I got to attend the roadcraft class my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.

    excellent value - I think it was $80 for the day which is bugger all for what I got out of it.

    We were a very mixed group - there was me, having ridden for only 3 years & on my Hornet 600, a 48 yr old woman on a Hornet 900 (go the Hornbags!), a guy on a CBR600 F4i who hadn't ridden for 12 years, a guy who just went from a Hornet 900 to a CBR1000RR, and a bloke on a kawasaki cruiser.

    first part of the day was discussion on riding techniques concentrating on how to make yourself visible on the road. Not just clothing, but where you sit on the road. some good info to take in on my certain parts of your clothing are so important.

    then we headed from Strath to Eagle on the Hill, and when we arrived there our instructor (Jeff, who races at Mallala & has been to the California Superbike School & taught by Keith Code) pointed out to us what we did that was wrong on the way. Apparenly I kept too close to the left side of the lane, which I never knew so was good to know so I can change that.

    Then he told us we would do several laps of the road, staying AT THE SPEED LIMIT of 60kph. reason? well he's a riding instructor & didn't want to lose his licence following us lol. fair enough.

    so we rode down & back up again, but we also had to stick to this rule: choose one gear, and for the rest of the day ride in that gear only & don't use your brakes either. so being on a 600 hornet, I chose third gear, figuring that would give me decent engine braking. I thought I did pretty well except for that 25kph corner on the way down, where I cheated & used a little rear brake.

    We got to the top, and instructor pointed out the following: Me & the guy on the CBR600 didn't really move to corner. While the others all moved in the opposite direction to where we wanted to go!.

    so we then did some more laps, with the instructor following us one at a time to point out where we were going wrong. he followed me down & pointed out I'm trying to move my arse off the seat, but that really is the LAST thing you should learn how to do - moving you torso & head is step one, and I need to do that first. plus, movign your arse 1/2 way round a corner isn't a good idea either lol. so on the way up, i kept my arse still & just moved my head & shoulders - and wow it felt so much better!

    when we got to the top, the instructor said 'wow, that was 1000 times better, you took those corners so low your footpegs are nearly scraping, and while you stuck to 60 in the straights, you sped up to 80 or more in those corners, so watch your speed ok?' I also wasn't going wide anymore, which i have been known to do on occasion.

    it's amazing, you dad or your boyfriend can ride with you & give you tips on how to ride better, but considering they aren't instructors it's hard for them to explain to me how to ride better other than saying 'stop going wide'. 1/2 a day with an instructor, and my tyres have much smaller chicken strips then they did before lol.

    yes I still have HEAPS to learn. Yes I can still get over further & the instuctor said I need to work on my BLAT skills. but this is a good start & i can work on improving from here.

    AT the end of the day we worked on braking, & again i found I can apply much more front brake than I was thinking I could. I stopped REALLY quick, i just had to stop thinking in my head 'you're going to flip it' and i was fine lol.

    I highly recommend the course to anyone, regardless of how long you've been riding, you don't 'know it all' you still can learn & having an instructor follow you around is the best way.

    now we just need to save up so we can do the 2 day course together at Mac Park, cause that is the next step
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  2. Hi Edgelett,

    That sounds like a great course and something I should look at doing after returning to riding after many years off.

    Do you have some contact details for the course?
  3. absolutely!

  4. Thanks edgelett. I'm heading to Strath on Sat just for a day ride and will have a chat with them there.
    I fall well and truly into the 'lapsed rider' category.