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[SA] Roadcraft Cornering School

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. has anyone done this?

    thinking of booking Pagan in for his birthday present.
    was wondering if those who went learnt some new skills, and whether they thought it was worth the money?

  2. I had thought of going but I dont want people to see how badly I ride :roll:
  3. i recently did an advanced rider at stay upright which is similar. It improved my riding so much that i am going again with my next bike! as the guy said they get people with one years experence up to a partners with 30 years experence....

    dont be afraid their there to give tips...
  4. I've instructed with Mary Lou and she's got a lot of experience. Friendly and quite professional. I haven't done the course, but would expect that it would be well aligned to the rider's needs and worthwhile. Take a ride down to Strath and have a chat with her about the course. I know one of the other instructors, Jeff and he's pretty dedicated as well. IMO.

    In short, I'd think your other half would get a lot out of it if he's open to learning.
  5. How much is the roadcraft course? I was wanting to do a cornering course with Garage Motorcycles, its $275 for one day so its a big investment for me if i dont learn much. Is it worth it?
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  7. Garage and Roadcraft+ are the same.

    Just ask lots of questions and bug Jeff to get some one on one coaching, and maybe video footage of yourself. :)