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(SA) - Road Race Performance Academy at Mallala 27 Mar 2009

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mikesv1000, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hi Folks, haven’t seen this prominently advertised so thought i would mention it here.
    For SA riders, Alex Gober't Road Race Performance Academy is comming to Mallala on the 27th of March (odd day, being a Friday.. )
    If you want to know more, google RRPA

    Note - im not in any way affiliated with this program, and have not participated before, so i cant claim to know if its any good or not! Sounds like there would be great value in doing it though.

    There are 3 different levels of training available:

    Levels 1 and 2: $275
    Development Group: $125

    Level 1 (classroom theory and on-track sessions)
    As the first level of RRPA's full program, Level 1 is intended for riders who are new to circuit riding and want to learn essential skills that will assist on both the race track and in the real world. Use this session as an introductory to track days, or this group even suits riders who already have limited track day experience and want to further understand and enjoy circuit riding under the guidance of professional coaches. Level 1 teaches many important techniques that will help you get on the right track before moving on to Level 2 once you gain more experience with your new-found skills.

    Level 2 (classroom theory and on-track sessions)
    The second level of the full program is the Level 2 course, designed for experienced track day riders and racers who wish to improve their lap times and further build on critical skills that will take them to the next level in their riding skills and techniques. It's not a requirement to attend the first level before booking into Level 2, as this level also covers important foundation techniques that are taught in Level 1, but delivered in a much more in-depth and personalised way for riders who are already experienced in circuit riding. Level 2 is the perfect place to learn the secrets of the stars.

    Development Group (on-track sessions only)
    If you're looking to get essential time on the bike in a professional environment without the pressures of a set curriculum and classroom instruction, then the Development Group is the perfect place for you. Return to brush up on your skills learnt at a previous school, or get an inside look at RRPA before committing to the full program. Struggling with a particular section of the track? No problem, because RRPA coaches will be on hand in the pits to offer limited advice on the day.

    The basic schedule is as follows:

    7:30 - Arrive at circuit for sign in and technical inspection
    8:30 - Rider's briefing
    9:00 - Morning program commences
    Mid-day - Lunch break
    13:00 - Afternoon program commences
    16:30 - Program concludes

    Would be great to see some other Netriders out there!
  2. yeah im going, should be good :grin: