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SA -Right now (Lobathal)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by 7THSIN, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. I'm heading out for a ride RIGHT NOW with some friends, we will be up Lobethal way, most probably on Adelaide-Lobathal road.

    Look out for a Silver ZXR250
  2. What?

    Went from golden grove, up north east road
    hook a left onto the 'mad mile' (tippet rd)
    right onto gorge rd
    right onto lobethal rd
    into lobethal and grab a drink...
    watch all the fair weather posers on aprilias and ducatis :LOL:

    back down the gorge to the second bridge
    back up the gorge :grin:
    paracombe road/perseverance rd to get back home

    grabbed a yiros on the way :cool:

    did about 90km :LOL:
  3. what Mr lock a thread is saying is ..............I dont know what he is saying
    but at least he didnt lock it off for being off topic.
  4. How the f*ck is this off topic? :roll:

    Yeah it's spur-of-the-moment... but it's a ride, posted in the rides section.
    Every rider in Adelaide knows the Gorge and Lobethal, today was fine weather (for a change) and I was keen to meet up with some other riders... how is any of that off-topic?
  5. Hey dude. My bike is in for a service ATM. if i caught you earlier, I would have
    given you a holler. yeah, bloody great day. it was like a spring day (minus the
    cops, Aphids and the flies).

    See you around. (I won't be making the Normanville ride tomorrow unfortunately.
    It will be pissy anyway).
  6. Saw a nice black Superduke in Loby today, sounded tough :cool:

    Bridge to bridge on Gorge road would have to be the best stretch of public road for motorcycle use in South Australia... I want to go do more runs tomorrow :p
  7. I have brothers. cool.

    Watch for pigs dude. The hills cops are anal.
  8. Its not off topic re-read my post
    I was having a shot a skeeo
    He locked off a thread the other day saying it was too far off topic , 40 minutes after I posted the picture and reason the thread had been started .
    the thread was going back to the topic and he locked it.
  9. Oh, well that's O.K. groberts :wink: you're with the good guys :LOL: