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SA Riding Schools

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sprinkles, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I'm wondering what my possible options for learning to ride in S.A. The transport SA website doesn't have any information on the learners course it only says to make a booking.
    So im wondering if anyone can give me info on where the learners tests/course takes place and if u need any experience to be able to pass or will they teach you how to ride and give you your learners or should i get a bike and practice.
    Sorry for the dumb questions

    P.S. Does anyone know any other good bike sites for S.A. riders :)
  2. I got my bike licence in Adelaide about 2-3 years ago now so things may have changed.

    Firstly, you book in for a L's course, this will take about 1-3 months to get in to. They will teach you how to ride, I went in with very little experience (i did do some driving around the back streets on my 250 before i went in, so i had a few hours up my sleeve).

    then you have between 4 - 6 months to apply for your P's/full licence (if you don't you have to sit the L's again).
    During this time best to get in lots of practice. I bought some tennis balls, cut em in half and went down some dead end street and did heaps of practice.

    Then you should get through your P's/full licence test fine :)
  3. Hi Sprinkles!

    Yep, just book your L's course and head on down! The instructors assume you've never sat on a bike before and you get taught right from the start, including getting pushed along on a bike without the engine running!
    If you can do the test during the week, they can usually fit you within a week or two, if the weekend, it usually takes a little longer.

    Also, check your PM's, I've sent you a message...

    Good luck!
  4. the biggest difference now would probably be the $$$ involved, bit over $300 for the L's and $280 odd for the P's course... plus a bit more for the L permit ($25) and getting a new licence made up ($15) when you pass the P's course..... apparently this is still cheap compared to other states?

    that's still pretty well right, and good advice..... I passed the P's course last sunday :grin: stoked with that!

    one chap there last weekend only got his L's the weekend before last and he passed the P's test losing 0 points :shock: just a week later..... only a young fella on his P's in his car. I think you can do the P's as soon as you like but they recommended waiting 4 months (to get practise) and you have to do it (or is it book in?) before 9 months is up after you passed the L's course.... else you have to do the L's courses again.......

  5. Ohok thanks for the help, i guess ill go book myself in one of these days and learn how to ride, does anyone know where the course takes place?
  6. There's a range at Oaklands Park, and one at St Agnes, or if you're 'out bush' I believe there are local places at Pt Lincoln and stuff.